Oasis Players Club Cards

About Oasis Players Club

Oasis Players Club is a loyalty program for guests of Oasis to gain players club points through activities at the club, i.e. attending events, participating in featured events (DTF, Spectator Sex, Bukkake Night in Canada, Unicorn Night).

This program gives guests access to special offers and the points can be redeemed for Oasis Swag. Members of the Oasis Players Club receive a players club card (like the ones shown above) to be used for identification and signing in at the pay station when visiting Oasis Aqualounge. The use of players club cards significantly speeds up your entry into Oasis and eliminates the need to remember your visitor code.

Guests can sign up for an Oasis Players Club card at any time. Each guest must sign up individually for their own unique players card number.

Rewards Matrix and Common Special Offers

The Oasis Players Club card is intended to offer guests more flexible rewards for their loyalty and attendance of particular events. Our rewards table is constantly being updated so there are many more ways for us to show you appreciation for your support.

April Rewards

  • Chocolate Lollipops
    60 points
  • Flip Flops
    100 points
  • Chocolate Bar
    100 points
  • Bring a Female Guest to Couples Night
    100 points
  • Chocolate Bon Bons
    120 points
  • G-String
    150 points
  • Oasis Toque
    150 points
  • Snap-Back Hat
    250 points
  • Gilden T-Shirt
    250 points
  • Tank Top
    300 points
  • Oasis Scarf & Toque Combo
    350 points
  • Boy Cut Shorts
    350 points
  • Crewneck Sweater
    350 points
  • Bring a Male Guest to Solo Man Night
    400 points
  • Bring a Male Guest to Couples Night
    500 points
  • 1 Month Women’s Membership
    600 points
  • Oasis Robe
    650 points
  • Body Con Dress
    800 points
  • Couples Day Pass
    950 points
  • Weekend Pass
    1,750 points
  • One Month Plus-One Membership
    2,500 points

Emails that Will be Sent

The Oasis Players Club uses a double opt-in protocol for for email communication. If you would like to receive Oasis email offers and receipts, please make sure to opt in to our email services. The OPC may also send out text based offers if you choose to opt into text services as well.

Terms and conditions: Couples can link two card numbers to one account if they want to share points and in the event of a shared account being dissolved, points will be allocated equally to each account. In order to use the OPC, guests must be willing to have their photo taken and tied to their account to ensure there are no fraudulent redemption of points or entry into the club. Being part of the OPC does not give guests right to free entry, however, OPC points can be used to purchase membership or day club passes. Oasis players Club members must still abide by Oasis admission policies.