Oasis U of T student event media round-up


Oasis Aqualounge became the subject of a large volume of media coverage lately as a result of the University of Toronto Sexual Awareness Centre hosting an event at the club. Below is a round-up of all the articles related to the event. We welcome your media inquiries by email at info@oasisaqualounge.com or invite you to call the club at (416) 599-7665, if you would like to arrange an interview.

New College: UTSEC’s “Social Society:” What Really Happened? January 28 2013


Humber Et Cetera: Student Group Hosts Sexual Awareness Club January 25 2013

College Insurrection: Update from University of Toronto’s Sex Ed Week ‘Orgy’ January 25 2013


The College Fix: Details Emerge on University of Toronto’s Sex Ed “Orgy” January 25 2013


Macleans On Campus: Teacher’s College Numbers Emily Carr Animal Research January 24 2013

The Newspaper: Despite the Weather, Hell Didn’t Freeze Over January 24 2013

Toronto Observer: U of T Sex Orgy Attracts Hundreds: January 24 2013


Canadian University Press: CupWire: One Night in a Toronto Student Sex Party: January 24 2013

Toronto Sun: Get your Kink On What You Do on the Weekend and Don’t Let Bureaucracy Get In the Way January 24 2013


Huffington Post: University of Toronto Sex Club January 24 2013

Chelsea Lately Show January 22 2013

The Spec: Student Se Party Draws Hundreds January 22 2013

The Loop by Sympatico: University of Toronto Threw a Party Clothing Optional January 22 2013

UPI: University Group Holds Epic Sex Event January 22 2013


Info 51 (Chinese News): The Sexual Alertness Week: Sex Clubs Discounted Suck College Students: January 22 2013


Toronto Life: Editors Letter Sex Issue (February 2013) January 21 2013


The Toronto Sun: Forget the Debate Club U of T Students hit Sex Club January 21 2013


The Star:Student Sex Party at Oasis Aqualounge draws hundreds January 21 2013

Medium UTM: Swinger PArty Kicks off Sexual Awareness Week January 20 2013


The Toronto Observer: Sex Awareness Event Sparks Passionate Debate January 19 2013


The Newspaper: The University of Toronto’s Independent Weekly: It’s a no pants party, and you are invited, U of T January 19 2013

The Young Turks: University Sex Club Holds Student Orgy January 19 2013

Toronto Sun: Get Your Kink On What You Do What You Want This Weekend and Don’t Let Bureaucracy Get In The Way January 18


The Imprint: University of Waterloo: Epic Student Sex Club Adventure January 18 2013

Sun News Network: News Segment: “Everything Else” Education January 18 2013

Western Gazette: U of T Club Invites Students to Sexy Social January 17 2013


Russian Week: Evening Student Sex in Toronto January 17 2013


O Canada: Sex and Academia are a Lousy Match When it Comes to Getting the Story Right January 17 2013

The Lion’s Den University: U of T is Hosting An Orgy & EVERYONE is Invited January 16 2013

Kiss 92.5 Radio Interview: U of T Hosting a Epic Sex Orgy January 16 2013

The Grid TO:We the Tweeple Student Bodies January 16 2013

Blogger: A Bit More Detail- Urban Note on Academic Sex Parties in Toronto January 16 2013


Fox Nation: University Host Orgy Swingers Club January 16 2013

The College Fix: To Mark Se Ed Week, University Center Organizes Massive Student ‘Orgy’ January 15 2013


Maclean Magazine:U of T Sex Club Visit Viral Feminist Art Geography Skills January 15 2013

CBC: Your Community Blog: Orgy Rumers Swirl Despite Uof T Group Qualifiers January 15 2013


Global News: Annual Sexual Awareness week video January 15 2013

Metro News: University of Toronto Holds Event at Sex Club Promises its Not an Orgy January 15 2013

Toronto Star: University of Toronto Student Group Hosts Epic Sex Club Adventure January 15 2013