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Are you willing to play sexy truth or dare with us?

A fun sexy provocative truth or dare show where guest and host will question your sensuality, sexuality, fantasies, desires, or inhibitions, and you will have to tell us the truth.

Two shows, same guest

The Truth or Dare Show

The truth or dare show is a two-part show. Part one, where guests call in and get to play “TRUTH OR DARE” with our hosts! The game is simple, we ask questions and you truthfully answer them and we have fun with it. 

Share with us your wildest truths! It can be Fun and Sexy or Hot and Spicy or a combination of all that!

At the end of the show we will ask you to do a DARE. You will have one week to perform the DARE

Revealing the dare

Revealing the dare is simple and is where things get’s fun. We had you on the show and asked you to perform a dare, now it is your turn to tell us what you did, how it went, what did you do, did you have fun, did it stretch your comfort zone?

Have fun! No one knows you. You could be as descriptive as you wish. What did you wear? Did you use any toys? How did it feel??? Make our imagination run wild with your dares!

Join the fun.

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