Find out our busy power couples like Jacqui and Drew Childs maintain love, romance and sex in their relationship

Power Couples; Managing Love, Sex and Relationships

How do busy ‘power couples’ make time for their relationships? Between managing hectic work schedules, family life and social obligations, it can be a challenge to prioritize intimacy, romance and sex.

Oasis Aqualounge Marketing Director Fatima Mechtab recently interviewed best selling author, social media influcencer, actress and former Naked News anchor Jacqui Childs and her husband Drew Childs on how they maintain a balance between their professional and personal lives and how they keep the passion alive, in their marriage.

Jacqui Childs and Drew Childs keep the passion alive, even as a busy power couple.

Q: How did you meet and how long have you been together?

A: We met just over 10 years ago. Our story may not have started on the most traditional or positive note but we were definitely meant to be . Although we were both married at the time, there was a force greater than all of us, trying to connect us. I definitely believe in fate and kismet. We’ve been happily married for seven years now.

Q:  Describe your career, as individuals. What is a typical day for you, like?

A: Drew manages a fitness facility. He is also an addictions counselor. He manages me as well as being my exclusive photographer. I’m an #influencer and I know that word is annoying and over used but it’s what I do and I love the life we’ve created. Together we’ve built an online following into the millions.

Power couple Jacqui Childs and Drew Childs play, laugh and work together, to keep the passion alive

Q: As a couple, what are some ways you both maintain intimacy, passion and fun in your relationship?

A: When asked about our relationship we’re always taken back. We definitely don’t have a traditional marriage as far as “rules” and limitations. We really are best friends.  We celebrate life and all it’s ups and downs together.  We have a face paced hectic professional life.  So at home we share a quite calm space . We are intimate daily and never miss .Even if it’s only long quiet skin on skin hugs . We take our private time very seriously. Our relationship is number one for both of us. 

Q: What do you feel are the biggest challenges in maintaining a relationship/marriage and how to do work through that?

A: (Due to) the level of attention (Jacqui) receives, we make sure to spend alone time regularly. We focus on us and what’s real. We schedule lots of road trips and romantic easy getaways; again, with the focus on quiet and calm. Our favorite slogan is: “no shirts, no shoes, NO PANTS required.” We talk a lot about our fantasies and desires.  We don’t have secrets. Of course we’re human, far from perfect. We don’t own each other’s thoughts and feelings; we celebrate them ( or poke fun at one another) 

Q: Tell us about a particularly memorable romantic evening/trip/date night. What stands out most in your mind and why?

A: One of our most romantic times was in Amsterdam. We fit in there so well . The pace, the food , the people . The entire trip was magical ( so were the mushrooms!).  But in all honesty, my (Jacqui’s) health isn’t great and Drew has literally changed my diapers and dried my eyes more times than I can count. He’s my greatest gift. We have a mating call, like the sound of a bird. Even on my hardest days, that sound calms me . I feel brave ,strong and loved because of Drew and the love we share .

Q: What advice to do have for busy, ‘ power couples’ who are struggling to make time for one another?

A: The human experience. Love is the most important thing we share.  Focus on what’s important and the rest will come We make up our rules and change them as we go. But really, being friends and honoring yourself allows for real closeness and love to grow. Life is busy but loving yourself and each other is what it’s all for. Even on some of our darkest days knowing you’re not alone in this world, is priceless.  

Communication. Kindness. Empathy. Respect. Those are often lost or overlooked in relationships and (that’s when the) cracks start. If you really want to feel love, start with yourself. 

We definitely have our demons. Like everyone, ours just play really well with one another.  I hope to share space with Drew forever ( how ever long that is) Nothing’s promised, but right now our love and our life is pretty beautiful, with all it’s ups and downs xo

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