The Oasis AquaFlirts promoting for Oasis Aqualounge during Pride 2019 in Toronto.

Proud & Flirty At Nuit Rose

Oasis AquaFlirts promoting for Oasis Aqualounge during Nuit Rose; Pride 2019

Our fabulous promotional team-the Oasis AquaFlirts-hit the Church and Wellesley Village on Saturday June 15 to attend Nuit Rose; a festival of queer arts, in celebration of Pride 2019.

Oasis AquaFlirts promoting for Oasis Aqualounge during Pride 2019 outside of 519 Church Street in Toronto, ON.

The team began at The 519 -Space For Change on Church Street to chat with Nuit Rose festival goers, who congregated outside Barbara Hall Park. The Oasis AquaFlirts spoke to a receptive audience about the sex and body-positive values of Oasis Aqualounge; providing discounted admission coupons to encourage first-time visitors.

The Oasis AquaFlirts hold up signature Oasis Aqualounge balloons to celebrate Pride 2019

Armed with colorful, ‘Proud & Flirty’ balloons and amazing energy, the AquaFlirts then moved on to the Village streets to promote Oasis Aqualounge to those who were curious to hear more about our event offerings, facilities and programming for the upcoming Pride 2019 festivities. The team received many inquiries as well as positive feedback from those who have visited the club before.

Catch the Oasis AquaFlirts this coming weekend (June 21-June 23) as they continue to spread the values of Oasis Aqualounge and answer questions during Pride 2019. You can also meet the AquaFlirts this summer at various summer festivals, happening in the city of Toronto. They look forward to meeting you!