Public Safety, Sanitizer & Sexuality; How Coronavirus Will (and Won’t) Change Our Sex Lives

During the Coronavirus pandemic, sexy times are only….six feet away! As we mask up during this challenging outbreak, it is obvious that our approach to sexuality will need to change; both in the short term and long term.

But as we keep our hands to ourselves (and maybe ON and/or inside ourselves), check out this interesting article on Love And Sex In The Time Of Coronavirus, featuring excerpts from Anna Muldoon, a former science policy adviser at the US Department of Health and Human Services and current PhD candidate researching infectious disease and social crises at Arizona State University.

Washing your hands, sanitizing, disinfecting and committing to social distancing are all key efforts in helping to flatten the curve. In the meantime, show yourself some sexual self care, Skype with your lover(s) and/or travel back to a time of phone sex. Keep calm and keep on cumming!