Scratching A 10 Year Itch

Author: Raven Ramsey

“He doesn’t…”

“She wouldn’t…”

That’s the response Lewd got when he jokingly asked if his friends wanted to see what Oasis was like.

They both paused and look at each other in mild surprise. That didn’t surprise him-everything was mild about them. They had been married for ten years, immediately out of high school. They lived in a new development, in the suburbs. They had a beige house, with beige furniture and a very beige life.

They were usually in bed by 10:00pm-at the latest.

unshaven face to his wife.

“Did you want to…?”

“I didn’t know you…”

Another awkward pause lingered between them.

Lewd, sensing tension forced a laugh and said “I was only joking!”

Molly, who had known him for over fifteen years quipped; “You’re never only joking.”

“True,” Lewd drawled with a smirk. “I didn’t mean to cause a problem.”

“There’s no problem,” the couple said in unison a little too quickly. Even on Dirk’s face, the blush was evident.

Lewd hadn’t known Dirk long but Molly had been a bit of a wild child before she had settled down with him. Lewd had always wondered what it was about Dirk that had made Molly give up her late nights and parties. Once, he had asked her. Molly had simply said “You have to grow up sometime.”

They obviously loved each other but lately they had just seemed a little…bland. Maybe there was something Lewd could do after all…

“Oasis isn’t for everyone,” Lewd went on, trying to ease things. “But it’s a fun place to go when you’re looking for something a little different.”

Dirk gave a slightly uncomfortable chuckle. “Yeah but we aren’t exactly…swingers.”

“So?” Lewd shrugged. “You don’t have to be. It’s not like you have to do anything or fuck anybody if you don’t want. It’s just a place to hang out, meet people and use the heated pool. And of course see a lot of naked people.”

Lewd actually saw a sparkle in the couple’s eyes that quickly disappeared when they glanced at each other.

‘Oh my god these people need to loosen the noose!’ Lewd thought. Chasing that thought was “and they want to.”

“Anyway,” Lewd said getting up. “I’ve got to go, but think about it. Most nights are reserved for couples, so I’m sure you wouldn’t be the only newbies there.”

He gave Molly a hug and Dirk a handshake, seeing more questions in their eyes. They didn’t ask though and he left.

Molly called the next day.

“If…we did want to go…what do we do?”


The next Wednesday was a Hot Springs night at Oasis and the trio sat at the bar, Dirk and Molly were doing their best to act like they weren’t nervous and failing miserably. Lewd was about to suggest a second round of drinks to loosen his friends up when the perfect icebreaker came by. A woman, wearing only a towel draped on her tanned shoulders, walked up to the bar and ordered a drink. Lewd wasn’t sure who was staring harder, Dirk or Molly. Her dark hair and large breasts still glistened from the pool water and her thick hips swayed as she moved across the space.

The woman thanked the bar tender and turned to walk out, tipping a wink to the trio before swaying back out to the pool area.

“Yep!” Lewd breathed. “I’ve always liked it here!”

The couple turned to each other, having caught the other looking. After a beat Dirk simply shrugged his shoulders as if to say “What? She was naked!”

Molly burst out laughing. “Well, I guess she was pretty hot.” Pointing to the door that the woman had exited, she asked “is that where the pool is?”

“Yeah,” Lewd replied. “It’s heated, so it’s always nice.”

Molly looked at Dirk who gave a little nod. Molly nodded back saying “let’s get changed and have a look.”


Molly and Dirk’s next surprise was finding out the locker room was co-ed. They shyly changed into swimsuits, Molly into a green bikini and Dirk into dark trunks. They were slightly shocked to find out Lewd didn’t have a bathing suit and had simply wrapped a towel loosely around his waist and sauntered out.

When asked, he replied “Oasis time is my naked time. Respect it!”

The pool area held about a dozen people around the deck and in the water

and none of them wore bathing suits.

Naked bodies roamed the deck and slid through the water, groups forming, talking and breaking up at whim. A few people had their backs pressed to the sides of the pool as their partners kissed them.

The trio slid into the water, enjoying the warmth of the water. Lewd was the first to notice the woman from the bar. He nudged his friends and they looked over.

She was one of those pressed against the pool side, a man kissing along her neck and shoulder. His hands roamed over her body as he kissed up her throat and took her lips against his. Her hands disturbed the water when they came up, wrapping around his neck and pulling him tight. When the water stilled they could see her legs were wrapped around her lover, holding him tight to her. They kissed hard and passionately for a few minutes before the man lifted her out of the pool and perched her onto the edge.

His head was quickly buried between her thighs.

Her gasp could be heard loud and clear over the din of conversation and people turned to watch as this woman reached down and pulled her man’s head harder against her pussy, moaning deeply. His hands held her thighs, sometimes straying up to hold her full breast and running his fingers over her hard nipples.

Before too long the woman groan deep and long, shaking once…twice…and then falling back, propping herself on her elbows. Some cheered and applauded before going back to conversation or their own partners.


Lewd turned to his friends having heard the soft word breathed by Dirk. They held each other close, Dirk’s arm around Molly’s waist, his hand gripping her tight. The fingers of his other hand were lightly running over her breast, skimming over a hard nipple that pushed against the material of the top.

Molly was also holding Dirk around the waist. Her other hand dipped below the water, running over a very hard cock there.

They looked ready to devour each other but were still hesitant to do it in front of a crowd.

“Let me show you the rest of inside,” Lewd said.

They readily agreed.


Lewd lead his friends back inside and to the stairs. They passed the dungeon and they stopped to watch a young couple fucking on a contoured chaise. A young Asian girl, gasped as the man moved inside of her. His Asian features matched hers and the trio stood and watched as they made love.

“They’re beautiful,” Molly whispered. The girl turned her lover on his back and slid back down onto him. She barely glanced at the audience as she slowly raised and lowered herself onto her lovers cock, moaning deep as she took him into her body. Every now and then a high pitched cry escaped her and she ground her hips down onto his. Hands roamed over pale skin and muscles moved, creating a sweaty sheen on their bodies.

As they watched for a little longer, Lewd noticing his friends roaming hands again. He nodded them towards the stairs and they left the dungeon.

The first place he showed them was the Shaggin’ Wagon room.

Before he had a chance to speak, Molly and Dirk fell onto each other.

It was as if they had never had sex and the last ten years had been foreplay.

Bathing suits were quickly discarded. Molly bent over at the waist, spreading her legs. Her pussy was shaved smooth and the lips pouted a deep red, coated with her wet excitement.

“Please, just fuck me,” she said, face flushed and eyes on fire.

Dirk, with his cock hard and panting breath, wasted no time getting behind her and sliding in hard. Both moaned loudly before starting to slam against each other.

Lewd simply sat back and watched them, stroking his own hard cock.

Dirk slammed his hips against Molly’s ass, jolting her entire body and forcing a cry from her mouth.

“Shit, fuck me harder! Please!” Molly cried as her hands braced on the bench.

Lewd just watched, letting them have their moment. He stroked his cock, watching his two friends fuck right in front of him. Lewd never thought he would see something like this. All the passion and lust unleashed. Dirk’s fingers dug hard into his wife’s hips, pulling her hard again and again on his cock, driving cries from her, as he grunted in pleasure. It was as if Lewd wasn’t even there! However, every now and then, one or both would sneak a look, watching him as they moaned. Molly caught his eye and ground her hips back against Dirk, making him gasp and grip her hips harder.

Drops of Molly’s juices rolled down her thighs, different colours reflecting off them from the psychedelic lighting. Lewd’s mouth actually started to water, wondering what they tasted like. He wondered what kind of sounds he could draw from Molly if he let his tongue drag along the insides of her thigh, while she fucked her husband.

He held back but stroked his cock faster.

“Yeah, stroke that cock,” he heard Molly say. “Yeah, stroke it for me. Make it cum.”

Molly closed her eyes and came hard, nearly screaming into air, shuddering hard.

Dirk followed soon after, crying out and jamming himself as deep into his wife.

Lewd came at the same time, exploding like fountain as it sprayed, a few drops landing on Molly’s arm.

The three of them panted and relaxed in separate heaps until Molly spoke up.

“I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, Sweetie, but that was the hottest sex ever!”

Dirk, panting into the carpet simply raised a fist and popped his thumb up before it crashed back down.

“So you guys like the place?” Lewd asked.

“I could come here again,” Molly responded. “How about you, Dirk?”

Again, Dirk gave the thumbs up before crashing to the carpet.

“So will you thank me with a blow job?” Lewd joked.

They laughed as Dirk gave the thumbs down.