white bikiniblue polka dots-Oasis

Sure, Oasis Aqualounge is a clothing-optional establishment but sometimes a girl wants to wear something cute and pretty! For those who are pro-swimwear, shy or prefer to take their time ‘taking it all off,’ Oasis Aqualounge has some great bikinis for sale at the club.

These stylish and high-quality bikinis are only $20 and come in small, medium and large.

Please note: the sizes tend to be on a ‘smaller’ side, so if you are a small, please consider a ‘medium’ in these bikinis.

The blue and white polka dotted design comes in medium and large. Please note: due to the supplier, this style does not come in small.


white printed bikiniblue polka dots-bikiniThe white, Egyptian-printed bikinis come in small only. Please note: the ‘small’ fits quite snug. This design may also  fit someone who wears an extra-small, in some cases.

Please contact the venue at 416-599-7665 or email info@oasisaqualounge.com to inquire about purchasing one today! There is a limited quantity available, so get yours while supplies last!



Oasis Has You Covered!

Although we do prefer to be “uncovered,” we do boast a clothing optional club after all.  However we have some fun and comfortable clothing available, great “accessories” for  hanging out poolside or lounging around the club.

Oasis Booty Shorts (American Apparel brand) $30 per pair.  Colours available: Black with white logo, fuchsia with white logo.


white printed bikini


Sizes: small, small, medium, large

Oasis Tank Tops $25 each.  Colours available: Oasis aqua blue with white logo.

Sizes: Small, medium, large, extra large

Oasis Plush Robes $60 each (one size, fits medium/large).  $70 for plus size.  Colours available: White with embroidered logo.


Life By VeonaOur resident registered massage practitioner  has developed a line of aromatherapy massage oils, which are available for purchase at Oasis Aqualounge. There are 4 different scents; citrus, jasmine, patchouli and ‘deep muscle’ which contains eucalyptus and are $12 each, including tax.

These beautiful, hand crafted oils make for a smoothing and relaxing massage, with each scent offering it’s own sensual properties. Please note; the oils used are known to break down latex and are not considered safe for condoms.

Please inquire with a staff member,  upon your next visit.