Suzy’ Sex Toy Review: Lelo Siri

I’d like to begin this toy review for the Lelo Siri by stating that this is easily my favorite vibrator to date!  I definitely intend on updating to the Siri 2 just because the Siri by Lelo is incredible. The packaging for Lelo products is always gorgeous which is  why I’m always s excited about a new Lelo toy.

This particular toy is primarily intended for clitoral stimulation. First impressions being, it is a very small and discreet egg shaped vibe that is visually very cute but also very soft to the touch with it’s phthalate-free silicone. Siri is very discreet in size not to mention very quiet as well for any of you out there where a quiet vibrator is a must.

Siri has a number of popular functions such as slow pulse, quick pulse, escalating pulse, decreasing pulsations as well as a steady vibration option with the ability to gradually increase or decrease intensity.  I am a bit of a Goldie-Locks when it comes to finding just the right intensity with a toy. Some are not enough, some are too much and then sometimes there is the toy that offers the perfect combination of the two. I find this perfect combination of intensities with low rumbling vibrations and high buzzy vibrations in the Siri. Siri is rechargeable and can last for up to approximately 4 hours so I do find it to be a very reliable toy. The shape of the toy is a huge plus for those of you that need to reach that exact spot that drives you crazy. The egg shape provides that slight point while still being soft and curved so that it still feels very comfortable.

The only con I can think of with Siri is that it’s not fully sumersible  in water. It’s not a toy that can be brought into the bath. I wouldn’t even risk bringing it into the shower  because the charging port does not have a seal on it and the buttons are exposed. This  leaves  space for water to get in and damage the toy. Just because some toys claim to be “waterproof” does not mean that they are. Bodily fluids? Sure! Submerged underwater? Bad idea. Sadly there are companies out there that will not honor the warranty on a toy with water damage even though they claimed it to be waterproof.

Always keep an eye when purchasing a toy to make sure that the charging port is sealed/covered and that the buttons for functions and speeds do not have cracks along the edges that water can get into. I’ve found that some of the best fully waterproof toys are 100% silicone meaning the entire exterior of the toy is silicone. If you don’t mind not being able to take your vibrator into the bath then Siri is a 10/10 score.  It is a must try if you’re seeking a cute, long lasting, small clitoral vibe. I’d highly recommend checking out Siri and Lelo’s selection at your local sex shop!