Suzy Sex Toy Review: Tantus Rumble from Good For Her

I am excited to  review the Tantus Rumble, a new ergonomically correct wand that claims to suit every body. A special thank you to Carlyle Jansen of Good For Her for providing me with this fantastic toy!

I don’t know if it’s just me but anytime I see a wand,  I get super giddy because wands are well… just a good time!  At first glance I immediately noted that this is a rechargeable wand that has the ability to be cordless. A wand with a cord tends to be a deal breaker for me because there’s something not very  sexy about working around a cord that plugged into the wall. Oooooh,  how I love that cordless toy freedom!

Below is a list of my pros and cons


  •   The button positioning is good as it keeps the power button separate from the speed buttons
  • Rechargeable
  • Long lasting charge
  • Variety of intensities AND functions
  • The flatter head makes this a  good toy for all genders,  as it is quite versatile.


  • The head of the toy is a little too flat for just clitoral use. In my own personal opinion, rounder wands are more effective for clitoral stimulation. If tilted to the side, the edge it still does the trick!
  •  Not waterproof or submergeable

Strength is the buzz word that I’ve seen described  about this toy. I think it may have been  given the wrong name as I found it didn’t live up to a name as intense as the ‘Rumble’. That said,   I personally  enjoyed the intensity of this toy and found it to be perfect for me, as I like vibration that falls  somewhere in the middle of the scale. If you’re looking for something as intense as the Magic Wand, this wouldn’t be your toy. However, if you are someone that finds the Magic Wand to be too much for you,  then this is a great wand alternative.

Xxx -Suzy