Sybian Drawing Lesson From Kahbbie

To bring attention to our weekly, Tuesday afternoon Sybian rides, our resident artist Khabbie has provided an original drawing, along with lessons for aspiring illustrators. Kahbbie is also the host of our monthly Figures and Fantasies event, held on the first Monday, during Sass After Class

.Hello everyone! I’m Tina, my art alias is Kahbbie and today I’m gonna briefly go over how to fit multiple characters into a piece and some tips and tricks that I use to make art and have fun while doing it.

This time around I wanted to do a solo sex scene rather than a group. I personally love the Sybian but I didn’t want to have a character simply sitting on it so today I’m gonna go over how I got to the concept of this piece.

 When I planned out the composition (where everything is placed in the piece) I wanted the Sybian to feel more like the character was on a bull ride, so I tilted the Sybian forward in the air like how pulls jump around in a rodeo.

Secondly I used the costumes and colors to keep the message of “western” clear. I made sure to keep everything in sepia brown and red tones (except for the cum to bring attention to it) but kept the background very light so the colors would stand out and not muddle.

The cowgirl hat and boots along with the saddle pattern on the Sybian bring the western theme to the forefront but even without those items it would still read as western inspired.

Having everything back up the concept from colors to composition means that you’re putting more thought into your art rather than relying on just the subject itself to tell the story which makes everything more interesting to the viewer and more fun for you!

Lastly it’s always great to change up what people look like in your drawings, different shapes, ages, races, piercings and tattoos, fashion senses – there are so many different ways that you can make each person you draw as unique. If you’re having trouble finding good references online bring your sketchbook down to Oasis and politely ask fellow guests if they’ll model for you.

Even if it isn’t Figures and Fantasies night people generally love watching someone draw and being drawn and it’s a great way to socialize and get some practice in all in one day!