Unleash Your Sexual Super Powers; Halloween Costumes & Role Play

By: Fatima Mechtab

Pumpkin spice brings out the naughty and the nice! Of all of the holidays within the year, Halloween is the one occasion where it is not only acceptable to embrace your sultry, alter-ego, it is highly encouraged! 

In North America, we often associate Halloween as a children’ holiday but historically, other cultures celebrated Halloween as a spiritual and dangerous time when ghosts and the ‘living dead’ walked the earth, usually late at night.  Writer Emma McGowan noted in a 2017 Bustle Magazine article, ‘…the idea of Halloween being a holiday for children only emerged in the late 1800s, when the focus shifted from scary to fun, from superstitious to community-based.’

Spice up your relationship as a couple and enjoy dressing up in Halloween costumes; role play and unleash your exhibitionist side at Oasis Aqualounge

October 31 (and often, the days leading up to this date) marks a time where adults can transform themselves through creative costumes and live out their fantasies. It is a holiday that excludes stifling, social norms; especially when it comes to expressing one’s sexuality. Clothing that would otherwise be considered as ‘unacceptable’ is not applicable during Halloween and that can be very liberating. Often, people use this time of year to unleash their inner vixen, show off some skin and apply elaborate make-up in order to become a character that may have more freedom (sexual and/or otherwise), than in their own, everyday lives.

For many couples, Halloween is the sexiest holiday of the year and this is often due to the increase in confidence found through wearing a Halloween costume.  For some lovers, dressing up can also lead to role-playing in the bedroom-and beyond. This transformation creates a sense of anticipation and it can be equally as exciting to see your partner become the creature of fantasy.  One fun way to express solidarity is for a couple to plan a complimentary costume together and to bond over mutual creativity. For others, the ability to express individuality as separate characters can feel empowering and stimulating.

Spice up your relationship as a couple and enjoy dressing up in Halloween costumes; role play and unleash your exhibitionist side at Oasis Aqualounge

Dressing up in costume creates a sense of newness and an escape from the familiar routine that often develops within long-term relationships. Halloween allows couples to explore costumes, role-play and sexuality in a way that feels permissible, creating a sense of security while still opening a portal of exploration.

If you are a couple looking to spice up your Halloween this year, you may want to consider tapping into your exhibitionist side. Dress up, embody your character and employ your powers of seduction. Or attend a sexy, adult-themed Halloween party and watch other, costume-clad couples lose their inhibitions.  At Oasis Aqualounge, we celebrate ‘Halloweek,’ with parties happening daily from Saturday October 26 until Thursday October 31 (2019). Like many sexual adventure clubs, Oasis Aqualounge hosts an array costume contests, with prizes available in multiple categories. Dressing up in theme also makes for a great icebreaker. If you are a couple looking to meet like-minded guests, complimenting Halloween attire and/or swapping creative costume tips can make socializing in a sexually charged environment easy, fun and flirty.

Spice up your relationship as a couple and enjoy dressing up in Halloween costumes; role play and unleash your exhibitionist side at Oasis Aqualounge

Oasis Aqualounge loves to invite exhibitionist couples to perform for our Spectator Sex shows and Halloween season definitely encourages the use of props (aka: sex toys!) and costumes. A themed show can make it easier to transcend performance anxiety and makes for an engaging experience, for the voyeurs. The use of masks can also provide performers with an increased sense of freedom, through concealing one’s identity.

Halloween is an exciting season in which to explore different facets of your sexual persona.  We invite you to embrace your fantasies and show off your costumes at your favorite local club or private house party. Dress up for fun and/or undress to impress!

Celebrate ‘Halloweek’ at Oasis Aqualounge with parties on October 26, October 28 (student night), October 30 and October 31. For more information, please email:

Lights, Camera, Satisfaction!

Are you a couple looking to fulfill a porn star fantasy? Visit Oasis Aqualounge in Toronto, Canada to learn more!

By: Fatima Mechtab

Oasis Aqualounge is a haven for couples looking to fulfill their sexual fantasies.  We can accommodate almost any desire and sometimes, those desires involve sex on camera.  As the producer of our own, in-house porn that is filmed inside the club, I have seen an increase in couples who are looking to explore the fantasy of being a porn star. 

Given that Oasis Aqualounge encourages a shame-free approach to sexuality within a body-positive environment, it makes sense that a valued guest may be more comfortable flirting with a role that has traditionally been limited to a particular physicality, age and/or conventional beauty standard. 

Traditional pornography is meant to illustrate a sexual fantasy but there is a wide disconnect between the illusion of sexual pleasure and the reality of what happens, while on set.  Professional porn stars are sometimes subject to less-than-desirable work conditions, constant interruptions from the director and physically demanding scenes and scripts, of which they have little or no control over.  Heavy editing is then used to ensure that a scene flows seamlessly.

 Like any film, paid actors are hired to play a character and we, the viewer, are then drawn in to believing that the passion is real.  Watching porn can be a healthy and pleasurable way to bond with your partner(s) but make no mistake; pornography is a business and not always reflection of true intimacy.

One of the major benefits of shooting amateur porn for sheer enjoyment is the lack of pressure so often felt by professional porn stars.  Couples can decide for themselves what turns them on and how they want to express their own sexual pleasure. They can stop as they wish or fuck for hours; they are in complete control of how their own fantasy will play out. 

One of the key characteristics of the porn filmed at Oasis Aqualounge is that the sex scenes are authentic and that the pleasure is genuine. Since Oasis Aqualounge is a sex club and not a porn studio, there is far more freedom and flexibility for couples to convey true passion and intimacy. In fact, we want couples to choose their own sexual acts because their personal comfort will then shine through, on camera.  What we provide is a safe, supportive and non-judgmental environment in which to explore their desires at their own comfort level.

For couples who are wondering how they can make their own sex tape or how to fulfill the fantasy of having sex on camera, Oasis Aqualounge offers guests the chance to perform together, usually on the fourth Tuesday of the month during our reoccurring ‘Money Shot’ event. This event brings together both exhibitionists and voyeurs, who enjoy performing in front of an appreciative audience.  Our in-house videographer will even edit and supply a copy of the film, upon a couple’s request.  Our monthly ‘Money Shot’ event also provides the opportunity to learn how a couple could achieve a porn shoot from the privacy of their own homes.  Feel free to chat with our videographer, for tips on equipment, positioning, lighting and sexy themes!

Are you a couple looking to fulfill your porn star fantasies? Do you want to make your own sex tape? Visit Oasis Aqualounge in Toronto, Canada.

If you are a couple looking to bring your porn fantasy to life, contact Oasis Aqualounge and bring forth your ideas. We offer a few different options as to the filming process and as with any desire, we want to do our best to make yours cum true!

Fatima Mechtab is the Marketing Director/Event Produce and Oasis Porn Coordinator. Jason Jones is the in-house videographer and is also the CEO of Grown Erotica. Together, Oasis Aqualounge had three films nominated during the 2018 Toronto International Porn Festival and they created the Oasis Aqualounge Porn Hub Channel. Money Shot occurs on the 4th Tuesday monthly and welcomes live porn shoots, web cam models and erotic photography.