Don’t just take our word for it that Oasis is great. Here is what our members have to say:

“Oasis is my second home. At first, it was just a new and magical place and now it has continued to be new and magical even after five years as a regular patron. I heard about the club through an article written about a student themed night they had hosted, so a friend and I decided to check it out. As I met more and more people, from patron to staff, I started to build a family through the connections I made at Oasis. Through the years I’ve seen the place improve with expansions of extra room, lockers, and a bathroom, plus I’ve also experienced its growth by attending multiple of their variety of events; fun events such as Games Night and Karaoke, the sexy events that include Spectator nights and After Dark, the nights you know there will be entertainment or possibly foot massages … Oasis truly has something for everyone. Oasis will provide you with an environment where you can comfortably and safely explore interests you may have always had yet could never express, and through this exploration you will meet the most wonderful people; patrons of this place are friendly and the staff is always willing to assist you in any way. To those who are searching for a place where they can freely show who they truly are, look no further, the Oasis is calling you. And to all you new comers I always recommend two things: one – check the website before hand and see if there are any events that jump out at you, ie: you love feet, go to the foot fetish night. Two – go into the experience with an open mind and no expectations, just have fun!”


“Since I started coming here, it changed my life. I found it kind of like going back to nature. Sex is not a taboo here, it’s OK when people are comfortable with it.”

AzizOasis Regular

“An OASIS, by definition, is a fertile spot in the desert where water is found. A refuge from the world around it. An escape from the treacherous trudging through the seemingly endless sand. An island if you will. That sought after palace which all too often becomes a mirage.

What if I knew of a place that is an OASIS? An OASIS that is truly magnificent. An OASIS that is attainable, welcoming and inviting. Yet not a mere mirage. Yes, I know of such a place. Won’t you come.

The OASIS aqualounge in Toronto is an upscale water themed adult sex club. A liberating and refreshing safe space amongst the sand dunes of our lives. With three floors of beautiful social and play spaces, two bars, a dance area, an outdoor heated pool, a hot tub and sauna, this is surely no mirage. It is a clothing optional environment. And yes, that does really mean it’s your choice. Whether you’re looking for an afternoon of quite pool time, or perhaps a more sexy rendezvous, OASIS has captured the essence of it being your choice. My girlfriend and I have been regulars for about 3 years now. We can honestly say there is absolutely no other club like this. The inherent respect levels given to one another, staff and patrons alike, is just a drop in the bucket when looking at what this club actually offers. Diversity! All ages, ethnicity, body contours, sexual orientation, kinks, even genders beyond the binary, are all welcomed. Given the diverse crowd that OASIS attracts, the club has planned monthly and/or weekly events catering to specific opportunities for those seeking a venue geared a bit more to their liking. Check out the website to help plan your next, or first trip! For the newbies, no need to be shy. We’ve all experienced and processed the thoughts of “what if” and “I don’t know what to expect”. Like you’ll hear me tell everybody, what you choose to do is your choice as long as it’s consensual. Consensuality is crucial here. This is how the club maintains a safe space for all. Whether you’re a couple, single male or female, it’s expected to maintain this respectful consensual behavior. As patrons, we all are responsible for helping facilitate this said environment. By doing so, we’ve now allowed and given each other the freedoms to be our true selves. The part that upon occasion is repressed from societal construct. To hell with that.

Come, come with me on a journey to our OASIS. The escape is well deserved. As ambassadors of this incredible club, my girlfriend and I look forward to meeting you. See you……… on the other side!”


“Hi! I’m Wayne. They also know me as Cowboy. I started going to nudist camps when I was around twenty years old. We used to go swinging. When I found out about Oasis, I was thrilled. I started going to Oasis four years ago. I love this place. I love it to death. I even wear their shirt all the time because I really love it. I’ve been on Google’s Street View a few times – always with the Oasis shirt. I wish I would have known about Oasis a while back. Now I think – I missed out on a lot! I wished I could have gone when they first open, but what can you do? I love the staff there. The staff is fantastic. The place is really, really clean. I love the pool – summer time, winter time, spring time – all the time! I find it’s a great place to relax. If something happens, then it happens. You know, as if you meet someone. For me, though, I just love going there, meeting a lot of people; lots of interesting people. I wear their shirt to let people know about the place. A lot of people point me out on the street and they tell me, “Great place!” It’s funny you know. When I see newbie’s at Oasis, I end up seeing them the next day, and the day after that. Sometimes I see some people for two weeks in a row, every day because they like it so much. When I retired, I got a membership. I go to Oasis a lot, about three to four times a week. It’s like a big family. I never get tired of it. When I die, I’ll probably be wearing the Oasis shirt in my casket. I have several Oasis shirts, I wear them every day. I also add their logo to my cowboy hats. You can Google me: Yonge and Eglinton Cowboy and you’ll find articles about me – always wearing the Oasis shirt.”


“I have been coming to Oasis for over two years now, and I’d like to say with confidence that it is the most welcoming, consensual, and clean sex club that I have experienced. I have brought in people from all walks of life to experience it for themselves, and like me their first reaction was surprise at how non-threating the atmosphere is. When you walk in you get the impression that you’ve walked into a spa, with the outdoor pool, indoor Jacuzzi, showers, and sauna all on the first floor. This is coupled with a dance floor, DJ booth, and bar, and most of the clientele spend time socializing on the first floor, in towels, lingerie, clothed, or whatever is comfortable for them. As you progress to the second floor you find two large rooms dedicated to shows: live cam shows, spectator sex, rope classes, yoga, naked rockband, speed-dating, kink demos, to name only a few. On the third floor are semi-private rooms for group or one-on-one play, with another bar area to socialize. The staff at Oasis are extremely helpful, from ensuring consent is always practiced, to providing fresh towels, cleaning play areas, and putting together amazing themed nights, games, and other activities. There is never a dull night at Oasis, and you get to choose to treat yourself to a spa experience, have drinks, dance, participate in classes, play games, learn about polyamory, kink, and BDSM, socialize, play, or do all of these. Some of the regular events cater to specific kinks, accommodate for first timers, queer folk, trans, non-binary, and women. With a focus on diversity, it is a wonderful place for anyone to participate and learn from people in the community. As a cis male, I find Oasis a necessary staple in Toronto to learn about consent and safe sex practices. The Oasis community has a strong focus on ethics that I have yet to see at other sex clubs, and for this, and the reasons stated above, it makes for the most accommodating and pleasant experience.”