The Oasis AquaFlirts At No Pants Subway Ride

On Sunday January 13, the 17th annual No Pants Subway Ride occured simutaneously across 50 cities around the world. The Oasis AquaFlirts took part  in the Toronto event, with participants meeting at Dundas Subway station, beside the Eaton Centre at 3pm.

This delightful initiative began as a way to bring a smile to transit commuters and as the organizers from the No Pants Society quoted ‘…pants are just a fancy word for leg jail.’  Considering our clothing-optional environment at Oasis Aqualounge, we could not agree more.

However, when an occassion calls for bottoms, the AquaFlirts opted for our classic booty shorts, which are available for purchase from Oasis AquaShop or by visiting the club.

The AquaFlirts enjoyed a spirited, pantless subway ride which lasted about an hour, followed by the No Pants Afterparty. They connected with other attendees, spreading the Oasis values of body-positivity and sexual liberation and handing out discount coupons to those who were interested in a first-time visit.

This was the first AquaFlirt outing of 2019 and our promotional team is looking forward to more chances to meet people in the city who are interested in what Oasis Aqualounge has to offer.  Stay tuned for future sightings of the AquaFlirt team!