Toronto Burlesque Festival After Party 2012

This event was one of the best nights at Oasis to date. The gorgeous gals and guys from the Toronto Burlesque Festival and international performers packed into the club by the masses late Saturday night joining Oasis guests. Mysterion the Mindreader hosted the Oasis burlesque show downstairs in our lower bar lounge. Performing a duet, the buxom, bendy blonde St.Stella & sexy, singer Belle Juemelles kicked off the show with a bang. Great Canadian Burlesque’s Aviva the Mirage, Australian Alyssa Kitt and the worlds smallest burlesque dancer, recently featured in Hustler magazine, Viva La Muerte brought the house down. Imogen Kelly, 2012 Burlesque Hall of Fame reigning queen even attended! Everyone had a blast, drinking, flirting & swimming until the wee hours. Be sure to check out the pics, you won’t want to miss all the sexiness!