Unicorn Erotica by Evguenia of Spirit Sex Lab

Sheer laced white bodysuit hugging Tessa’s beautiful round breasts and feminine curves, resin-black wavy hear brushing against her shoulders as she turns her head towards Alice looking intently with her hazel eyes. She looks delectable. The woman is full of mystery yet her energy feels a bit reserved. Not knowing what to expect, she glances around the room with an anticipation of an adventure. It’s her first time embarking on this journey of being a Unicorn.

A darkened atmosphere of an upscale sex club and muffled sounds of other people’s love-making make Tessa feel a simultaneous sense of nervousness and arousal. Contemplating a ménage à trois, she and Alice are chatting while mixing a few glasses of wine with smiles and sensual energy.

Alice, wearing all black (fishnet thigh highs and black sheer bodysuit) almost as if trying to counterbalance sheer white purity of Tessa’s ensemble, is feeling playful and curious. After all, she is right in her element – setting up the scene for this beautiful woman, creating a playful sensory prelude to then finally share Tracey with Tessa for the very first time…

Only a few days ago, thoughts jumped and stumbled around Alice’s head as she was planning this escapade. Could it happen, that Alice would feel crippling jealousy to the point of being unable to go through with the plan? Or would she enjoy the scene?

She didn’t know. She only knew two things… Firstly, Alice really wanted to taste another woman. Pleasure her, connect with her yoni, brush the tongue along the texture of her vulva, licking her clit. Alice also knew that she wanted Tracey to feel free. In her mind, she was aligned with the idea of happily sharing him. Possibly, even being turned on by it…

Caught up in their conversation, the women don’t notice Tracey come in. Wearing a pair of white boxers he looked athletic and handsome. Perhaps, because she was about to share him with another woman, or possibly due to a noticeable bump in his boxers, Alice has instantly started feeling a heat wave coming from him towards the women. Tessa’s and his eyes met for the very first time and smiles bloomed on their faces. The chatter continued for a bit longer. First kisses exchanged. Tessa tasted very good, her soft passionate lips really turned Alice on. Everyone felt at ease, as Alice has offered to start the scene.

The cross in the dungeon was their first stop – Tessa with her hands up in the air, unable to move. Beautiful milky-white naked breasts exposed for everyone to see and for Alice and Tracey to play with. Taking the liberty to open the buttons at the bottom of the body suit – what a beautiful flower… Blindfold on – sensations have followed. Touch, ice, warm oil, mention of on-lookers, kissing, biting her nipples, lips… Gentle touch on her pussy. Tessa’s body was moving on the cross, as if dancing with the waves of sensual energy, enjoying all of the attention.

Prostate massage and two women pleasuring Tracey was the next memory highlight – his body jerking up and down as if from an electric shock with the lightest movement of their hands and tongues. Just like magic. He was extremely aroused.

Finally,  Alice got her pussy licking lesson. Repeating Tracey’s tongue moves, taking turns playing with Tessa’s beautiful vulva, seeing it open the petals just like a delicate sensual flower was priceless. The excitement that Alice felt when Tessa’s hardening clitoris made it’s appearance was out of this world.

What stood out the most in her memory was him passionately fucking Tessa outside of the club, by the swimming pool in the warmth of the spring evening. Seeing his athletic body pumping another woman, moans, growls and an explosion as he came with his cock inside of her right in front of Alice’s eyes. She was so turned on. So grateful to Tessa for her openness, playfulness and gentle sensuality, so enthralled in her passion with Tracey and so very proud of herself.

Proud of feeling aroused, open and loving. Aligned with letting him experience the freedom he wanted. Happy to be free of acceptable negative reactions. Free of that annoying little voice in her head that loved to remind her of her childhood fear of abandonment. Free. Aligned. Happy.


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