Being at Oasis may seem like a distant memory as we sit over a year into this pandemic. Perhaps you, like us, have begun to integrate memories and fantasies at the club into your self-love routine to keep it fresh in your mind. In all the craziness of the past year, I can assure you that the lovely and lusty patrons of Oasis have never been far from our minds and hearts.

Though our doors have been closed for safety, we have not been idle. The team here at Oasis has used this downtime to make some upgrades and improvements to the club that will benefit your pleasure experiences when it comes time to reopen. We hope this isn’t too far away!

As loyal supporters of the club, we want to fill you in with a little progress report of the upgrades coming to Oasis.

Progress report

While the above report is totally accurate, here are some juicy details.

The Pool

Our outdoor space was a huge priority for us as this area is often where the Oasis experience begins. The major renovation to the pool was the removal of the deep end. The goal of this change is to create a conversation pool by optimizing its footprint. It’s now uniformly 4 feet deep, effectively doubling your canoodling space. We can’t wait for you to put it to use. Other upgrades include extending the staircase to the entire width of the pool and renovating the deck and sunning area to create a titillating tiki experience right here in downtown Toronto.

Check out our before, during and after photos.

The Playrooms

Changes to the playrooms are largely aesthetic and intended to amp up the sensual experience of the spaces. The new décor is modern and minimalistic but doesn’t compete with the beauty and feel of our 19th century Victorian mansion. One bangin’ new feature of the Ballroom is the installation of a suspension hook. (My mind is already in a flurry with all the future fun to be had here!) This will be a welcome addition to our events and performances, as well as create another level of play possible (…moan). Finally, the Ballroom has also received a new DJ station to bring music to performances and nude dance parties.

More New Goodies

The pool and playrooms aren’t the only spaces to receive a sprucing up during this downtime. Here is a list of a few more upgrades that you can look forward to enjoying during your next, not too distant, rendezvous at Oasis.

Like we’ve already said, we miss all of you. Our avid supporters are the people who have kept us pushing to improve in the last year and we can’t wait to host you again. Until then, stay safe and stay sexy.

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Blog written by Marli