Vaginal Ecstasy

We all have peak experiences in our lives. The brightest memories. The strongest sensations. Deepest moments of connection and truth. This was definitely one of those highlights.

Distinct memories of being pressed against the wall, hands up – not knowing what to anticipate from this handsome man. His calm, authoritative voice. His muscular arms around her, his dark chocolate athletic body touching her, sensing the bulge in his pants brushing against her ass… The sound of a single tail breaking the air. Stinging her skin ever so lightly. Fear. His hands on her round, firm butt – slapping. Paddles… Crop. The anticipation of what’s to come, crazy electricity, tension, attraction.

She could’ve stopped right there… But this incredible longing to experience him was much stronger than the voice of reason in her head. Alice started moving – grinding against him in a rhythmical way, welcoming his touch more and more.

“Let’s leave the underwear on,” – he said. She could feel his dick so close yet just out of reach. What a tease… Lips getting dry in the anticipation of a kiss, feeling her clit swelling with pleasure, pussy getting wet longing for his cock. His piercing eyes looking at her: “My beautiful queen. I want to worship you.”

And that he did.

Lots of little kisses – he covered her body with a wave of warmth and lust. So gentle, so giving… The time stood still. Alice was intensely in the moment. The now. It was incredible.

His lips on her pussy – first through the panties. And then – without. His beautiful face with striking hazel eyes, sensual lips and a short sexy stubble – absorbed in her. The sounds he made enjoying her… Blending in with her moans. She loved it all. Coming over and over again into his mouth. Screaming so loudly that he had to turn the TV on, as to not disrupt the neighbors.

He finally undressed. What an incredible body – masculine, proportionate, sexy as hell, beautiful black cock.

And then the spectacle began.

Alice was never too much into vaginal sex. Statistics spoke for themselves – only 25% of women have ever orgasmed from an intercourse alone… Even Alice – who’s always orgasmed abundantly – has not enjoyed vaginal orgasms…

THIS man was definitely different.

He inserted his cock ever so slightly into her pussy, he positioned her body at the right angle… He passionately fucked her applying just the perfect amount of pressure to her G-spot, he quickly removed his cock right in time for Alice to squirt all over her face, body, mattress, the room!

In a projectile fountain of joy… Over and over again. Alice felt submerged into a white explosion of intense ecstatic energy. Bright light. Oneness. Ecstasy. Grasping for air between the screams of pleasure. In a total disbelief…

Receiving this incredible gift of mystic self-transcendence and feeling so much gratitude and joy…

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