We’ve put together some information to help you learn to use the new online platform. We hope this is helpful and we welcome your feedback on information you’d like added at info@oasisaqualounge.com

Joining the Chat Rooms

Log in to the chatrooms from the home page by clicking the “Chatrooms – new!” button.  You will arrive in the Ballroom, which is our main chat page.  

Hot Tip #1: Log in from your computer, using Google Chrome as your browser for the best experience

I’m in the Chatroom – Now What?

Your Camera

In the upper righthand corner is a button that says “Camera”.  If you want to turn your camera on, click the red toggle switch. 

When the button turns green, that means your camera is on. 

If the button is red, you are not showing your camera in the app.

 Your camera has two settings: Public Camera and Private Camera.  Public Camera means anyone can see your camera.  Private camera means only the people you allow can see your camera. 

To switch to private camera from public camera, first turn your camera off. Then click private camera.  Then turn your camera back on.  You will still be able to see anyone whose camera is set to public.

IMPORTANT: If you do not turn your camera off first, anyone who was already viewing your camera may still have access to your webcam. By turning off the webcam, you reset who is able to see your camera. 

Please note that admins will always have access to your webcam, even when it is set to private. This is one way that we can ensure the safety of every participant. 

To request to see a private camera, click the video camera icon beside their username in the right panel. 

Hot Tip #2:  make sure your settings allow the chat room to access your camera and microphone! Here are some helpful links for setting permissions in each browser:

To see other people’s cameras, you must click on each individual camera beside their username in the right hand panel. If their camera is set to private, it will send a request to view their camera. If there is no camera beside their name, their webcam is turned off.  

If you wish to interact with a select few people on video, you must grant access to your camera, while also requesting access to theirs.  

Hot Tip #3: The worse your internet (eg, not high speed), the worse your ability to have lots of video cameras on at the same time will be. Having everyone’s cameras open at the same time will cause audio and video quality to lower. If you are part of an event, make sure you have the event Host’s camera on, and listen to instructions of whose video you should turn on and off to see what’s going on. 


The landing room is called the Ballroom. Other rooms include Centre Stage and the Playroom, Text Only Room, Music Room, and Dungeon. 

Anyone is welcome to join the other chat rooms except the Staff Room, where we ask that only Oasis staff go to meet and do testing on the system. Events may also be hosted in these other rooms. If you want to join another room, click on the “Rooms” button, and then the “Join” button for the room. 

Private Chat

If you want to send a chat that only the other person can see, right click their username in the right panel, and click “private chat”.  This will open a new chat window.   If the person’s video is on, you can also hover your mouse over the video and click the “private chat” option there.  A new, smaller window will pop up.

To turn off the sound notification for private chat messages, click on the 3 bars (hamburger menu) in the top left corner of your screen, and then the settings icon.  Unclick the “Sound” button. 

Hot Tip #4: when you open the private chat, type in a quick “hey!”. That way they know you’ll have a message, and will keep the chat open while you type. 

Whispers and Mentions  

If you want to get someone’s attention in the main chat, you can mention them. If you want to send them a one-off private message in the main chat, you can send a whisper.  Mentions are public, everyone can see them. Whispers only you and the recipient can see.  ‘

To mention someone, in the chat bar type @USERNAME, or @ and then select a user from the list of current users. Then type your message and press Enter.

To Whisper to someone, in the chat bar type #USERNAME, type your message and press Enter.