Walk Topless-celebrating the official Go Topless Day on August 23rd

IMG_0454 IMG_0455On Sunday August 23rd, Oasis Aqualounge celebrated the official date of the international  ‘Go Topless’ movement. Organized by Miss F, guests of the club and the fabulous Oasis Aqua Flirts gathered on the front lawn of Oasis Aqualounge for sign making, body decor and media interviews.

The march began at 2:00pm and traveled  south down Yonge St; there was a brief stop at Yonge & Dundas Square before heading north on Jarvis and ending back at the club.  There were approximately 30 marchers with a combination of topless women and men wearing bikini tops. Marchers carried signs and noisemakers to get the message of equality across. While it is technically legal for women to go bare chested,  women often are shamed for doing this. This march served to highlight the irony of  gender norms, reduce the stigma of women being topless and the constant sexualization of breasts. Oasis Aqualounge believes in sexual freedom for all genders and embraces a clothing-optional lifestyle.

Naked News reporter Madison Banes covered the event, as did reporters from the Toronto Sun.  Overall, it was a fun and liberating Sunday and we want to thank everyone who joined in support.