Why Big Penises Are Not Necessarily God’s Gift To Women-by Alicia Morgan

A guest recently sent us over an article, published in an online magazine;  Why Big Penises Are Not Necessarily God’s Gift To Women, written by Alicia Morgan.  Pleasure and intimacy comes in various shapes and sizes. At Oasis Aqualounge, we pride ourselves on creating a comfortable and diverse atmosphere that is both sex and body positive.

Penis size, like breast size has always been thought of as ‘bigger is better.’  However, this article notes that a good lover not only varies in size but must also possess other qualities (passion, creativity, etc.) in order to order to connect. It is also interesting to note that approximately only 25% percent of women orgasm from vaginal penetration.

Bring us your largest, smallest and everything in between; for every body, there is a body  that will be the perfect fit.  Since Oasis Aqualounge is a clothing optional venue,  any questions about physicality will be answered at the drop of the pants!