A wonderful letter from an Oasis customer!

This is a letter we received from a customer after their first visit. They have graciously allowed us to share it with you:

“A couple of months ago, my wife and I had dinner with a couple of friends. Over dinner, they mentioned Oasis Aqualounge. My wife and I, not having heard of your establishment were intrigued when our friends described an “adult playground” with different “playrooms” and a heated pool and a hot tub. A couple of weeks ago, the same friends invited my wife and I to join them on their next visit to Oasis. We set a date, and yesterday the four of us visited your club.

To say my wife and I were impressed would be an understatement!

Since leaving your club last night, my wife and I have been talking about not only how much fun we had at Oasis, but also how impressed we were with the staff and the entire club in general.

When we entered the club yesterday afternoon, we were warmly greeted by the staff at the front desk. The young lady at the counter was both pleasant and friendly as she quickly ran though the rules of the club and set us up with locker keys.

As my wife and I, along with our two friends entered the locker room area, I found myself noticing how clean the area was kept. As a matter of fact, as the four of us made our way from room to room, I noticed that each and every one of those rooms was very clean and well kept. And it wasn’t just the rooms that were clean and well kept; we also found the hot tub, saunas and showers to be immaculate as well.

My wife and I were also very surprised and impressed with all the little extras Oasis offers. For example we were very surprised to see the ample supply of condoms in each playroom. And more than once, my wife and I saw a staff member carrying a supply of freshly folded white towels. And I would like to note that each time we passed a staff member on the stairs or in the halls, we were greeted with a smile and a warm “hello”.

Making our visit to your club even more enjoyable was all the amenities that Oasis graciously provides. From the amply supply of condoms in each of the playrooms, to the shower gel in the shower area, to the cocoa butter moisturizing cream, to the clean fresh towels.

Even the music playing through the establishment was great. While it could be heard, it was kept at a volume level that wasn’t distracting.

I congratulate you for operating what is a truly a fun and amazing adult playground.

I also congratulate you on operating a first class establishment. From the staff, to the facility itself, my wife and I found Oasis to be a first class establishment.

While yesterday was our first visit, it certainly won’t be our last!”