There are a variety of safe and well lit parking options near Oasis. Click here for addresses and a map with details of pay parking options to use when visiting Oasis.

That is one of our most frequently asked questions. Oasis Aqualounge offers a clothing-optional experience but like everything at the club, it is at your own comfort level. No one is required to be naked or remain naked. You will be provided with a locker to store your belongings so you may bring outfits, swimwear, lingerie-whatever tickles your fancy! Our guests rock a variety of looks. If suntanning/swimming in the buff is not right for you, feel free to bring your swimsuit. Or, we sell a variety of sexy swimwear in our Oasis Aquashop.

If you are planning for a weekend evening out, club wear or sexy lingerie is perfectly acceptable. Some events are themed so refer to our website for ideas and inspiration.  Customers who enjoy the Oasis dungeon or special fetish events love to bring their fetish outfits–anything from lace to latex is welcome.  We are a body-positive establishment, meaning all shapes and sizes are welcome and admired. The most important aspect is that you  feel comfortable and sexy during your visit so wear (or don’t wear) what makes you feel amazing. Enjoy the freedom to express your own individuality.

We’ve written an entire blog on ‘What to wear to Oasis’. Click HERE to read it.

Looking to stay up to date on all things Oasis, such as where our Aquaflirt team will be, what events are coming up at the club and in the city? Oasis offers an email newsletter that gives you all that information. Join over 30,000 people who receive our weekly event updates by email. Sign up here or sign up on your first visit to the club. Of course, you can unsubscribe at any time with one click. We don’t require your name, just a valid email.

Anywhere you want, other than in the hot tub, the front yard smoking area, stairwells, hallways, or first floor bathrooms.

At Oasis Aqualounge, we understand that there is nothing sexier than sitting nude in a bubbly hot tub, while spending time with your lover(s). We know that you love to heat things up with playful intimacy and foreplay.  While we allow certain types foreplay in the hot tub, ejaculation is not permitted due to the comfort of our guests.

Foreplay can include touching, kissing and oral play but please refrain from PIV (penetrative genital/ penis-in-vagina) sex and ejaculating in the hot tub area.

We have a co-ed locker room and lockers are available at no charge on most days/nights. You can use our complimentary locks with waterproof key chain, or you can bring your own lock–whatever you prefer. Note that personal locks left on after closing will be cut off.

Your door fee makes you an Oasis member for the day of your visit (as a private club everyone visiting is required to be a member) and gives you use of the facilities, until closing time! Note that for most events that welcome solo men, we have areas dedicated for couples playing and their invited guests. On those nights, solo men don’t have full access to the third floor.

You do NOT have to buy an annual membership to visit Oasis, just pay the door fee for the event/day you are attending.

We supply plush towels, condoms, sunscreen and summer pool side service. You also have in and out privileges, so you can spend the afternoon in the pool or sunning on the deck, then go out for dinner (there are over 100 restaurants in walking distance, for a list of our favourites CLICK HERE) and return for more music, dancing and…

Your ID, of course. Just like all Ontario bars, everyone needs to have their ID with them to confirm they are over 19 and if you’d like to start a tab at our bar.

For enjoying the outside pool and deck, we suggest sunglasses, although we sell Oasis branded sunglasses if you forget. You might want to bring sunscreen if you’ll be visiting daytime and spending time at the pool. Some guests like to wear flip flops and a robe while walking around the club (or for going out front to our smoking area; of course, Oasis also sells flip flops and robes in our store and we make available some complimentary loaner robes (our smoking jackets) for your temporary use). Oasis also has outside overhead heaters in the smoking area and leading to the pool for winter and colder nights. We do work hard to ensure the club’s temperature is comfortable for nudity year round.

Our Dungeon is equipped with a swing, St. Andrew’s Cross and other dungeon furniture, but for hygienic reasons, you will need to bring your own ‘toys’ like floggers, restraints, etc. if you would like them.

It’s also important to know what NOT to bring to Oasis. Please don’t bring any outside drinks or liquids with you to Oasis. We sell beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic and make water available to you. Also, please don’t bring anything glass or breakable, as we can’t have glass around our pool and hot tub; this includes any smoking paraphernalia, glass dildos, etc. due to the risk of the glass breaking. All Oasis cups are plastic, for everyone’s safety; Many guests walk around in bare feet by the pool and in the spa area, so we don’t want anyone getting hurt.

Food and drinks are not part of the door fee, along with items from our store. While we don’t sell food ourselves, we do provide bar snacks and our staff are happy to provide take-out menus from local restaurants and place orders for you or we accept Uber eats orders arranged through our staff, so you can stay naked by the pool. We offer complimentary still water from our water fountains on the first and third floors. You can purchase alcohol, soft drinks and non-alcoholic beverages.

Oasis Aqualounge has two bars, one upstairs and one downstairs. Our bar located downstairs is open 7 days a week until 2am. Our Red Bar is located on the third floor and is open 9:30pm-2:00am on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays – and during our DTF events.

Below is a copy of our current cocktail menu. As required by regulations, we include the quantity of alcohol you will find in each drink listed in brackets after the cocktail name. All prices include the HST for your convenience:

Our Red Bar menu:

The Oasis store is a majority online store however, we do have some pieces available for purchase at the club. We offer items appropriate for the season and items you’ll see in use around the club. That includes baseball hats, sunglasses, flip flops, robes, bikinis, and cute Oasis booty shorts and tank tops. Every time you slip on your Oasis branded merchandise, you’ll remember the fun you had at Oasis!

We also sell squirting blankets just like the ones you’ll find in use during our sybian rides.

We offer additional branded merchandise at our online store, visit the Oasis AquaShop, where our Oasis branded items extend to club dresses, yoga pants, cell phone covers and more. Not all items available online are stocked in the club.

Yes, we keep the pool nice and warm, 100 degrees in winter, cooler in the hot weather–always a temperature appropriate for leisurely enjoying the water year round.

You’ll love the warmth under the cool night air. The pool is open year round and offers a great place to heat things up.

Our music is intended to set the mood in the background, without overwhelming your senses. Our guests occupy every age range so we vary our music to try to satisfy everyone. But we welcome requests. Throughout the day we play lounge music throughout the bar and play areas (different music in the different spaces) and upbeat music by the pool. We like to keep the sauna and hot tub spa area quiet so you can enjoy the serenity, talk and reconnect. For some events, such as Saturday night unicorn, we have a DJ that arrives at 10pm to kick things up a notch in the main bar area. On other nights our staff share their favourite play lists.

Oasis is open 7 days and nights a week, 362 days a year. Occasionally, we work with outside promoters but almost all events are organized by our own marketing team.

If you wish to rent the venue or our dungeon for a private photo or video shoot, we invite you to contact us to discuss rates and availability, we do have some shoots before we open at 11am.

We offer group meetup opportunities and are open to making your group feel comfortable and also offer group discounts. Please contact us at for details.

Swingers are always welcome at Oasis, and our recent customer survey shows that about 60% of Oasis customers are open to sexual encounters outside their primary partner. The upscale on-premise play areas are a major feature of the club. The atmosphere is relaxing yet stimulating and there are lots of spaces for conversation to meet new friends. Note that we have an ‘Ask once’ policy. Meaning no individual or couple can approach you more than once during your visit if you are not interested. We find our guests are very respectful of the fact that only some people are interested in swinging or even if they are swingers, that doesn’t mean they want to swing on every visit. Many Oasis guests use Oasis as a couples club, to enhance their own relationship by watching, being watched and enjoying the sexually charged atmosphere.

Not sure if swinging is for you? Join us on the first and third Thursday of each month or the second Saturday afternoon each month for First Taste, our program which includes a tour of the club along with a presentation on sex club etiquette and the lifestyle and a conversation with Oasis couples who will share their experience with swinging and answer your questions.

Are you interested in joining online conversations about Oasis Aqualounge? Would you like to ask questions/engage in conversations with other guests? If you are in the Lifestyle and would like to meet other like-minded couples, check out the forums page on Cafe Desire-where Canada comes to play!  We also have a  group thread on Fetlife, which is geared towards those interested in exploring fetishes and kinks. Those are great sites for meeting like minded people and arranging to meet them in person at Oasis. Of course there are many others, including SDC, Okay Cupid, and many more.

Oasis offers complimentary cards with ‘We met at Oasis” and pens at both bars so you can exchange information with others that you meet who you want to stay in touch with. Whether you meet new friends or friends with benefits, its always great to enjoy conversations with others that share your sexually liberated values.

Oasis provides free condoms and lube packets readily available in the play areas for your enjoyment. When a couple is together at Oasis, the staff do not know whether they are in a long term relationship, recently dating, or just met at the club. So we are not able to judge how the relationship is being conducted, nor do we wish to. We focus on making sure that everything at the club is fully consensual, the details are up to you. As adults, we trust your judgement in choosing the best protection for you and your partner.

No. How you met, or how long you’ve known each other is between the two of you.

The management at Oasis Aqualounge strongly believe in gender equality and sexual freedom. While our pricing structure and policies seemingly encourages gender stereotyping, it is an unavoidable reality of hetero-centered sex clubs. Non gendered pricing would be the ideal choice, given our liberated stance. However, throughout the years, we have come to understand that of our guests, cis males behave differently than cis females, especially when visiting a clothing optional, sexually charged venue.

Gender neutral pricing would create an imbalance; too many men and too few women. This is not an ideal situation for our core demographic and neither parties would feel comfortable. In creating an enjoyable environment for women, solo men are only welcome on select days and gendered pricing is in effect. Various efforts are made to make everyone feel welcome at the club, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation and/or relationship status. However, certain measures must be taken to reflect the realities of human sexuality and protect the safety of our valued guests.

Oasis Aqualounge attracts guests who are open-minded, curious and adventurous. Couples who attend Oasis are usually interested in exploring new ways to spice up their relationship. The average age of our guests is between thirty and fifty, but anyone 19 and over is welcome. Friday and Saturday nights tend to draw more of a night club atmosphere, where people go to dinner and dress up to arrive. Tuesdays and Wednesdays, when solo men join the fun, it has more of a party atmosphere with more singles and multiples connecting. Feel free to dress or undress to impress!

We believe that variety is the spice of life-in sex, love and looks! Oasis Aqualounge provides an environment that is welcoming to everyone. Physicality is subjective and true beauty shines through every individual in it’s own unique way. We encourage a body positive environment where guests can feel at ease in their own skin. Confidence, curiosity and a sense of adventure is definitely sexy! What can be more attractive than that?

No, you do not have to have sex. Everything must be 100% consensual; you are not obligated to do anything that makes you uncomfortable.

Some couples and single women simply enjoy Oasis Aqualounge for the relaxing and sophisticated spa environment or enjoy nude sunbathing with no tan lines on our private deck. Others will choose to enjoy the amenities and atmosphere, and have sex with the person they came with – a stimulating space away from home to spice things up! Still others will meet people and enjoy those new encounters. Come with an open mind but don’t feel obligated to go beyond your comfort level.

Not if you don’t want to. You’re welcome to just relax by the pool, or use any of the facilities – whatever is most comfortable for you. We hear great feedback from single women who were initially nervous about coming to Oasis on their own. They report that they felt comfortable and were able to make new friends no matter what day or evening they came. Ask at the door if one of our hosts is on duty as they would be happy to introduce you to like minded people.

We also offer a wristband system where you can ask at the door for a red wristband. It is a visual sign that you are not looking for a playmate. That doesn’t mean you can’t meet great friends, or change your mind at any time, but it can make some new visitors feel more at ease.

Oasis offers a complimentary single women ‘First Taste’ event monthly on a Wednesday, where you can have a tour and a great conversation with one of our female owners who can answer all your questions and if you decide to stay, you’ll already know a few people. Check our event calendar on Wednesdays for details or email for the date of the next event.

If a single women enjoys being with couples, we recommend that she give Unicorn Night a try. It takes place monthly on the second Saturday of the month. There is often a unicorn meet and greet and many of the unicorns have become friends and attend regularly.

We understand that guests can sometimes feel over stimulated especially in their first visits to Oasis. If you want to avoid being propositioned by others during your visit at Oasis Aqualounge, we now have an option to indicate that you are not interested in being approached for play. Red wristbands are available at the front pay station on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays (when solo men can attend) as a complimentary service.

If you see someone wearing a red wristband, please do not approach them to ask for sex or if they are interested in playing. You may say hello, smile or enjoy a small conversation, but in general, we ask that you leave that guest alone. Sometimes guests with red wristbands prefer to do the asking, rather than the other way around.

If you are wearing a red wristband, and you feel that someone is propositioning you inappropriately, please mention it to an Oasis staff member, and they will make sure that the person is made aware of the meaning of the wristband.

We’ll certainly try to give you a tour. Unlike many swinger clubs we have visited in North America, which might be open for a few evenings each week, Oasis is open 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. So we are unable to have a person on duty at all times dedicated to giving tours. If it is quiet and we have the available manpower, one of us will be happy to show you around. We also have a team of Aquaflirts who organize fun events on many of the nights. If you ask at the door if an Aquaflirt or Host is on duty and able to provide a tour, we can often arrange that. Sometimes, regretfully, we don’t have someone that can leave their post to show you around. We want all newcomers to feel welcome, so we have created a colourful map of the facility that you can pick up at the front desk that shows you the lockers, restrooms, etc. People at Oasis are quite friendly, so feel free to ask others for directions if you get turned around.

We understand that coming to a club like Oasis can be scary the first time, and want to make your first experience as comfortable as possible. First time women and their partners may enjoy attending one of our ‘First Taste’ events held on the first and third Thursday evenings of each month at 8pm and also the second Saturday each month at 4pm. We also offer a single women’s Frist Taste one Wednesday each month. That event includes a guided tour and a Q&A program for newcomers. New solo male visitors are invited to try one of our Right Approach seminars, held once a month on the last Wednesday evening, which gives you tips for meeting and interacting with people at Oasis. One of the unique things about Oasis is that we attract customers during all our operating hours every day of the week. We feel sex shouldn’t be restricted to just Friday and Saturday nights. So come with an open mind and a friendly smile and we are confident you’ll enjoy exploring this unique venue and meet some great new friends at Oasis.

No, you do not have to give Oasis your email.

Oasis requires that each person become a member to maintain our status as a private club.

To register as a member, Oasis requires that you set up a unique identifier on your first visit, to confirm that you agreed to follow our rules. Most people choose to use their email address as that identifier, for two reasons. First, because they know they will remember it next time. You can instead choose to set up a unique username that is not an email. Some people use their cell phone number. That username or email will be used on your future visits to sign in to the club, to confirm you have been read the rules and agreed to abide by them.

If you use an email as your username, you also have the option to either agree to receive our newsletters or not. You can also sign up for our newsletter at any time in the FAQ above called “How do I become an Oasis Insider”.

Solo men are welcome at some events on Sunday evenings, check the event calendar for details. Solo men are always welcome on Monday daytime and if you are 35 or under you can also attend our Student Monday evening. All ages of solo men are welcome every Tuesday and Wednesday. Toronto has many great options for solo men on other nights, but Oasis Aqualounge on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and daytime Sundays is designed for women and their partners only. Finally, solo men are welcome on most Sunday nights beginning at 8pm. Our event calendar can confirm for you.

A few events offer solo men a discount for participating in the dress code, such as Oasis After Dark (a Fetish event the first Sunday evening of every month) . For more information for solo men, click here. We recommend you always visit the event listing for the day you want to attend for entry policies. You must always be 19+ to visit.

We certainly encourage you to unwind and disconnect at Oasis, but understand if you need to keep a phone with you (many of us have kids too that might need to reach us in an emergency). Please be sure to turn your ringer off so as not to disturb others and we ask that you take or place any calls outside of the play areas and ideally outside the club. Our guests like the fact that the club is a true Oasis from the outside world–so please don’t let your phone or conversations disrupt their enjoyment of the space.

We want to respect the comfort and privacy of our guests with regards to photography or video recording at the club. We understand that sometimes guests would like to preserve their visit with a photo. If the club is relatively quiet and there is a space where no other guests would be interrupted, it might be possible to take a few photos. On those occasions, please ask the Manager or a staff member for permission. If one of our staff is available to supervise, to ensure no one else will be in the shot, we’ll do our best to accommodate.

Please note that all pictures posted on this website were taken with the explicit permission of the subjects. We ask that no unsupervised photography or videography takes place inside Oasis Aqualounge. We appreciate your compliance with these rules. Oasis guests are often looking for discretion and privacy at the club, so we don’t want anyone to become uncomfortable.

Oasis is a short walk from the College Subway Station (on TTC Line 1). Just walk east past the old Maple Leaf Gardens (now Loblaw and Ryerson Mattamy Athletic Centre) until you get to Mutual Street. We are the big historic Mansion on the south east corner with a fence around the front yard (our smoking area)–you can’t miss us.

Our entrance is on the Mutual Street side of the building. You can also take the street car east along Carlton to Mutual street if you prefer not to walk. Click here for information on taking the TTC .

Yes of course! The Supreme Court of Canada recognized the right of adults to have consensual sex in private clubs. Oasis Aqualounge is fully licensed and legal.

Yes, Oasis Aqualounge is a private members club. But everyone 19+ can join, and your membership fee is included in the admission price. Oasis does not record or store your name or ID on file. We only require ID to start a tab at the bar or to confirm you are 19 or over. Becoming a member simply means you create a member ID and agree to follow our rules. Then, when you return in future, you can enter the ID you have chosen to confirm that you have already agreed to the club rules.

There are some great sexy stores within walking distance as well. We suggest The Stag Shop at Yonge and Shuter for fun, flirty accessories, toys and sexy lingerie.

The area boasts lots of foot traffic at all hours and there are over 100 restaurants serving all kinds of local and international food within walking distance. Here are a few of our favourites:


We’ve got a special rate negotiated with a hotel right around the corner from us! The Ramada Plaza Hotel offers discounted rooms to Oasis guests. Call the hotel directly at (416) 977-4823 (not the centralized reservation line) and ask for the Oasis discount code LKOA. Ramada Hotels are in the process of updating their online reservation system so if the code doesn’t work online, you are asked to call the hotel directly to get the discount when booking.

If you don’t book a room in advance, please tell the front desk upon check-in that you are an Oasis customer to ensure the discount is applied to the room.

Group discounts on Oasis door fees are available for five or more couples visiting together–call us at (416) 599-7665 or email for details.

Women are discounted most days, so the only day women with Student ID get a further discount is some Thursdays. We offer men student discounts for their admission on Mondays and couples where the male has the student ID a couples discount on some Thursdays, like Naked Karaoke night. Check the event listing under pricing to see if that event offers student pricing. Student ID must show a valid date. Student ID with no year or date on it will not be accepted.

There are two ways to run a tab at Oasis so that you don’t need to worry about accessing your wallet as you go out to the pool, or patio area or are playing around the club.

The first is to leave cash with your name on it at either bar. You can start a cash tab with a minimum of $40 cash at any time. The bartenders will remove the money for each drink as you order. Don’t worry, they won’t take any extra for a tip, that will be at your discretion as you deplete the cash provided or to decide at the end of the night.

The second method to open a tab is to leave a credit card and a piece of ID at the bar and a tab will be established in your name. Transactions on Canadian CHIP cards won’t be processed against the card, it is just held for security until you are ready to settle up. When you pay your tab, you can still choose to pay by cash, or with a VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Debit card. For credit cards from outside Canada only, bartenders will do a $40 pre-authorization against the card when you open the tab. That pre-authorization will be cleared and only the amount you spend on your tab will be charged through when you close the tab at the end of your visit.

The tab system in the upstairs bar is linked to the downstairs bar, so you can order drinks from either bar or from any staff providing cocktail service to the pool area and still put it against your tab. This system enables you to leave your valuables in your locker while you enjoy the facilities. Cheers!

Are you a professional marriage or relationship counselor, psychologist, therapist, sexologist or professional who helps woman and couples enhance their relationship? Oasis holds periodic professional outreach sessions where we help professionals understand what Oasis has to offer and how couples can enhance their relationship and how woman can develop and express their sexuality. If you are interested in attending such an event, email us at for information on our next planned event.

We wrote an entire blog about what we know about the 9,000 square foot former home that is now Oasis Aqualounge. To read it, CLICK HERE

We are always looking to connect with companies and individuals that align with our values. We sometimes offer opportunities to vend your products at our club or to present workshops if what you have is fitting an upcoming theme. Please complete the form below so we can get connected.

Oasis welcomes persons with disabilities and is committed to providing accessible customer service. Unfortunately the registered Heritage building Oasis calls home, is not currently wheelchair accessible, but we are happy to talk with those unable to navigate the steps to get inside about options for visiting by talking with you outside our main entrance off Mutual Street during daylight hours. We do permit support persons at a reduced rate and that rate will depend on the date and gender of the support person as our rates vary for the different events. We welcome registered service animals in the facility (in fact, one of our staff members has one).

Please email us at for a full list of our accessibility policies and for support person rates for the event you would like to attend. Alternatively you may write us at 231 Mutual Street, Toronto, Ontario, M5B 2B4. For verbal service, please call the club at (416) 599-7665 and ask to speak to a Manager to discuss our disability policies. Oasis is an inclusive facility for anyone 19+ and we hope to see you soon.

Oasis Aqualounge has spa facilities such as a hot tub and outdoor heated pool that require bathers to shower with soap and water before entering. Maintaining good hygiene is an important part of a sexy and comfortable experience at the club. We recommend treating your visit to Oasis like you would when preparing for a date. Oasis has shower gel, soap, shampoo and conditioner located in the showers on the main floor. You may help yourself or bring your own toiletries. By taking that extra effort in your appearance and hygiene, your confidence will shine and others around you will appreciate your sex appeal.

We also have great tips on how to meet people at Oasis in our blog and video below and in our monthly workshop also called The Right Approach (typically part of the events on the fourth Wednesday evening of every month). We always recommend you come eager to meet new friends. Our customers tell us that was the first step to them meeting compatible sexual partners at Oasis.

Oasis Aqualounge is an inclusive facility, welcoming of all orientations and gender identities. The admission fee for trans folks is exactly the same as the admission for cis gender women. We provide the lowest and most accommodating fee because we understand that trans folks are often marginalized and need a space and supportive place to express their sexuality. Unlike cis gender men, trans folks may attend Oasis either alone or as a couple. While we are committed to maintaining an inclusive environment, for the comfort of all guests, if the door staff perceives a Non-Binary identifying guest as masculine, they may be subject to the same entry limitations as a cis man.

Customer Service Staff will ask how a trans guest identifies in order to charge them the right admission fee.

No one at Oasis Aqualounge,  either staff or guest, shall refer to a trans person using transphobic words or make anti-transgender slurs.

No one at Oasis Aqualounge, either staff or guest, shall put a Trans guest on the spot by asking for their ‘real’ name.

Staff shall ask the Trans guest, “What are your preferred pronouns?” Customer Service Staff or host at the pay station shall apologize if they use the incorrect pronoun to describe/speak to someone in the trans community.

If anyone at Oasis behaves maliciously towards a trans guest, the person who behaved maliciously will be reprimanded, ejected or banned by management. Please be sure to advise staff if other guests are not treating you with respect.

For more information, please contact

Please refer to this Statement on Racism.

While the Sybian is out for use by anyone on Tuesday afternoons, and selected other events, we also offer private sessions with the Sybian. You must book a time in advance and prepay for your session. This blog gives you all the details.

On October 17, 2018, the Canadian federal government legalized the recreational use of cannabis. Despite the legalization, very little information was released regarding the rules around the use of cannabis on business premises. As we’re sure you will all appreciate, the Oasis management has taken some time to review the legislation as well as reach out to our local police division to establish the legality of allowing cannabis use in our smoking area.

As a result of these inquiries, we are pleased to announce that going forward, guests will be permitted to use cannabis in our smoking area.

We respectfully ask that guests adhere to the following rules when using cannabis:

  • The preparation, grinding and rolling of cannabis is only permitted in the smoking area. Please do not prepare cannabis anywhere else on oasis property.
  • Cannabis may only be used in the smoking area. The same rules apply to cannabis as tobacco, meaning consumption of cannabis on the pool deck is not allowed. This includes cannabis vaporizers.
  • Glass items are not allowed inside the club due to our pool and hot tub. This rule extends to glass pipes for cannabis use.

Finally, please enjoy cannabis like alcohol responsibly, knowing we have water features. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please direct these to

Absolutely, we love our frequent visitors. Oasis has it’s own version of a “Player’s Club”. You can sign up at the club and earn points that can be used for memberships or Oasis swag. Ask at the door and start earning points today.

Most of the Oasis play spaces are either semi-private or “not-so-private”. For those who prefer a private play space, Oasis has one private room on the fourth floor that is available to book for a maximum of two hours. No reservations will be taken over the phone or by email, you may only book the room once you are at the club. For details on how the private room works, CLICK HERE.

We understand that privacy is important to our customers. Click here for our detailed Privacy Policy

Just email us at