Suzy Sex Toy Review-Fetish Fantasy Min Luv Butt Plug

mini-luv-plugToday I’m reviewing the Fetish Fantasy Min Luv Butt Plug. Right off,  this is not an ideal beginner plug. I would  recommend a soft silicone material for a beginner type of anal toy. That said, this was definitely one anal toy that I was  excited about using because it’s so beautiful and I loved how expensive the heavy material felt.

It seems to me that the aesthetic of this toy is its key feature;  whether  being the colour, detailing or the material. Since the  Mini Luv Plug is made of aluminum, I found it easy to clean which is very important with any toy but especially important for all anal toys.

I will admit, however, there was some general discomfort when first inserting the toy- not due to the size- but because the end is hard and pointy. Being that I’m new to anal toys, that was the only thing that I personally found as a slight downside to the Mini Luv plug.

The aluminum gave the Mini Luv Plug properties that felt similar to glass dildos,  in the way that it offered some sensation play. By leaving the toy in cool water or warm water,  it changes the general temperature of the toy to give an added sensation while using it.  All in all, I absolutely love the Fetish Fantasy Mini Luv Butt Plug and simply just having it in my collection. It’s a very pretty plug that gets a lot of positive praise. I would highly recommend this as a gift if your partner is into anal play or anal toys as it is really a toy that has that ‘wow’ factor!




Suzy Sex Toy Review-UltraZone Eve Vibrating Silicone Beads

I love getting to be creative with toys and I love  sex toys that can be used in multiple ways. I am excited to review  the Ultrazone Eve Vibrating Silicone Beads, which contain 9 vibrating functions and 5 pulse-quickening speeds. I had purchased these at the Everything To Do With Sex Show  hosted  in Toronto, this past fall. These beads are wireless and made with 100% silicone,  so they feel soft to the touch. Silicon toys are easy to wash by covering in your choice of toy cleaner and rinsed off in the sink.

You can insert the beads for internal G-spot stimulation while receiving oral or while using a clitoral vibe at the same time – or simply use the beads on their own if that works for you. Would I stop there? No. I am someone that enjoys seeing what they can get away with in a public!  I found that you can use this toy with its wireless remote, anywhere you like.  Usually, I like to give this to my partner to play with while we go to see a movie, shopping, walk through a park, amusement park or even on our way to Oasis Aqualounge. How sneaky!

The wireless remote can control the functions and speed of the vibrator up to 15 ft. away.  At times, it would lose it’s connection but I have yet to find a wireless internal vibe toy with a perfect wireless connection to its remote. While inserted,  the vibrations are very quiet so they would not be detected by anyone unless you were sitting quietly in your yoga class – then you might get some questions;  namaste! I don’t recommend this toy for prolonged use (ex. more than an  hours is too much);  however, I definitely recommend it for a fun tease and as some foreplay in public.

As a bonus, the  vibrations of the beads intuitively encourage you to use your kegal muscles

-xo Suzy






Halloween Contest: Guess the Staff Member

Halloween is almost here. And to get you in the mood, we have a contest!

You might know some of our staff members… but will you be able to recognize them in costume?

The first guest to email (attention Miss F) with ALL correct names of each staff member wins a free pass to Oasis on either a Thursday or a Sunday. The contest runs from October 28th through November 4th – get your guesses in! See images and full details below.

Full contest rules: entrant must email their guesses by November 4th at 11:59PM. If the contest winner is a woman or a couple, they will win free admission for a Thursday. If the contest winner is male, they will win free admission for a Sunday night, after 8pm. In the event that a contest participant does not guess ALL names, the closest answer will win a prize .