Suzy Reviews Sex Toys-We Vibe

For my first toy review I would like to review one of the top selling North American toys for couples – the We-Vibe. The We-Vibe is the first vibrating clitoral and g-spot stimulator in Canada that can be worn during sex! Please keep in mind that this toy is somewhat limited to PIV sex and solo play, however, the company does offer a variety of other toys for various forms of sex and play. This toy is 100% waterproof, rechargeable, wireless, multi speed, multi functioning toy that has the option to be controlled via remote OR your smartphone. Yep! I said it! You can download the We-Vibe app for free and control the We-Vibe using your WiFi. This means that with a reliable internet source you and your partner can play with the We-Vibe while one of you is half way around the world. The smartphone app allows for you to easily control the internal vibrations separately from the clitoral vibrations (therefore one can be using different vibrations than the other).

The We-Vibe 4 Plus is the newest and most improved version of We-Vibe. At first glance the toy is very sleek and made from a silky soft silicone. The most noticeable difference between this version compared to previous versions is that it is less bulky and has a narrower curve offering a more snug fit. This is a very key improvement for those that use the toy for more than just solo play. The snug fit keeps the toy in just the right spot during intercourse or as a wireless vibe if you were to wear it out of the house. This allows for your partner to play with you discretely using the wireless remote to control the vibrating functions.


Style wise the We-Vibe 4 Plus has seen many improvements, however, for me personally I would love to see stronger vibrating functions in a future version of the toy. I found that as much as it was a fun tease that brought me close to achieving an orgasm, it still didn’t deliver in the way that I had hoped! If you find that you might be more sensitive then this toy could be the perfect amount of intensity for you. In terms of vibration intensity I find myself somewhere in the middle in terms of what I need from a vibrator. So if you prefer very strong vibrations then this won’t be the right toy for you. The concept of the We-Vibe is still very much one of a kind and really paved the way for similar concepts. Overall I still very much enjoy my We-Vibe as a warm up toy and as a fun way to spice things up while I’m in public with my partner! I will definitely purchase an upcoming version whenever that may be. We-Vibe is a very modern toy company which offers unique toy concepts. I’d highly recommend checking out their selection at your local sex shop!



Oasis AquaFlirts at #Pride2016

The Oasis AquaFlirts  were in full flirty force during Pride 2016, which was celebrated throughout the entire month of June.  This fun-loving and diverse team of promotional staff spread the Oasis message of sex and body positivity in and around the Church and Wellesley Village  and the downtown core.  In addition to offerings of 50% coupons for first-time guests of the club, the AquaFlirts also handed out branded Pride tattoos, that were created especially for Pride Month-proud and flirty indeed!

The AquaFlirts love meeting new people and made a lot of friends during Toronto Pride. Whether it was tourists  visiting Toronto or Pride festivities for the first time, the AquaFlirts offered a friendly smile, information about Oasis Aqualounge and fun photo opportunities with various groups involved in the festival.

The AquaFlirts also marched alongside the Oasis Aqualounge float on Sunday July 3rd during the massive Pride Parade, held in downtown Toronto.  The Pride festivities may be over but you can still catch the  AquaFlirts this summer at various Toronto events and inside the club.  Follow their adventures on Twitter and Facebook and find out more about what Oasis Aqualounge has to offer!


Guelph Sexuality Conference 2016: Challenges, Barriers & Rewards Inside Oasis Aqualounge

On Thursday June 23rd, Marketing Director/Event Producer, Fatima Mechtab presented at the 38th Annual Guelph Sexuality Conference. The theme of this year’s conference was ‘Pleasure,’ and Fatima developed a topic entitled ‘Inclusivity & Pleasure-Barriers, Challenges & Rewards Inside Oasis Aqualounge.’   This presentation aimed to address the broad concept of inclusivity as relates to a business such as Oasis Aqualounge.  It posed such questions as: how does a business strive to be inclusive when faced with such issues of accessibility and how can a business maintain the needs of it’s core demographic while expanding to include other identities and interests?

This talk was delivered  at Rozanski Hall inside Guelph University.  Other sex-positive community members and educators were also present including Carlyle Jansen and Dr. Jessica O’Reilly. The presentation was 75 minutes in length, which included a section for Q & A.  A diverse group of  attendees were present and engaged the speaker with interesting and challenging questions.  The conference allowed a wonderful opportunity to discuss the progress of Oasis Aqualounge in terms how inclusive the business has become, over the past 5 years.

We look forward to presenting again and want to thank the organizers for allowing Oasis Aqualounge to be a part of this year’s conference.