Oasis Aqualounge Exhibits at The 17th Annual Everything To Do With Sex Show

Oasis Aqualounge exhibited at the 17th annual Everything To Do With Sex Show, which was held at the Enercare Centre from October 21st-October 23rd. The booth was designed to resemble a ‘mini Oasis,’ complete with a bed, which served to showcase our leather play furniture, lockers and a hot tub.

Visitors of the show were encouraged to enter into a draw to win a Couple’s Weekend Pass and staff handed out 50% coupons that provided reduced admission to first time visitors. Both customer service staff and the Oasis AquaFlirts represented the club, which provided a well-rounded perspective and answers to questions about the venue. We thank everyone who stopped by to say hello and a warm welcome to any new faces who are interested in visiting Oasis Aqualounge in the near future. Feast your eyes on the all of the fun we had-we look forward to ‘having a ball’ next year in 2017!


Ryerson University casting call for an upcoming documentary

Do you want to be in a documentary?
We are a group of media production students at Ryerson University who are producing a documentary about Oasis Aqualounge and its unique sex-positive community.
We are looking for enthusiastic Oasis members who are interested in being interviewed on-camera about their experiences and what this community means to them.
The interview will take place during the first two weeks of November, and will last approximately half an hour. Whether you’re an individual, a couple, a group of friends, new to Oasis, an Oasis regular, or anything in between, we’d love to hear from you!
Please contact us at if you’re interested, or for more information!


Suzy Sex Toy Review: Jimmyjane Hello Touch Vibrator

I am excited to share my review of the Jimmyjane Hello Touch vibrator. This is another  unique toy that can be used individually or by a couple and it  is not gender specific.  This toy is for anyone that would like a little added stimulation during play. I’ve had my eye on this toy for sometime now  because it really so unique and eye catching. The Hello Touch also truly allows for its user to get creative as to how they might like to use it. Hello Touch is a waterproof and made with medical grade silicone. I would not recommend submerging it in water, as it’s not fully sealed.

I’d received this toy in a subscription box called The Fantasy Box. The Hello Touch is the first version of the toy, however, Hello Touch X has since been released which has some added features and improvements upon the original Hello Touch. The original Hello Touch is still a great option and can be found online for almost half as much as the newer model. I personally found the Hello Touch to be very straight forward to use and to  set up. It’s a little difficult to open the battery area but the instructions  share a trick for how to open it more easily. The silicone finger pieces are very soft and easy to clean. Easy to clean toys are a major plus! In terms of the wrist strap I will warn that it is on the smaller side and is not adjustable. For some it might fit perfectly fine. However, I could not envision this fitting on my boyfriends wrist. I wouldn’t consider this to be a total deal breaker though because the toy itself is not permanently attached to the wrist band. You can always substitute it for some other form of wrist band or iPod arm band in this ones place.

The Hello Touch has two buttons that turn the toy on and off. There is only one setting/speed on this model so it does not contain any functions. I was surprised to find that I did find this speed to be a good fit for me since I can be very picky about the speed/intensity of a toy. It’s not too strong and not too soft but actually lands somewhere right in the middle – perhaps even leaning a little to the softer side in terms of vibration. It’s unlike  a Hitachi Magic Wand,  so if that’s your jam, then this toy may not be the best fit for you. I think that this would be a  fun toy for a female or her partner to use on her during sex or while she receives oral or for a male or his partner to try using on him while he receives oral. There are lots of fun options and variable ways to use this toy. Enjoy!

-Xo Suzy