Suzy Sex Toy Review: OhMiBod Club Vibe & WICKED Lube from Naughty North

Today’s review is of the OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.0  paired with AQUA water based fragrance free lubricant by WICKED. I want to thank Naughty North for their donation of toys for me to review!

This is so far the coolest toy that I own to date (yes it even beats out the We-Vibe for me). This vibe is a panty vibe that is remote controlled. The box itself comes with a pouch for the panties, a very comfortable black lace thong, the vibe that inserts into the panties, battery, charger, instructions, and the remote.

The vibrator itself offers 5 intensity levels and 5 functions to select from. I’m not typically a fan of functions but the main reason for me liking this over my other really unique toys is the intensity it offers. I know that in previous reviews I am a bit of a goldie locks when it comes to what I like. I am PICKY about vibe intensities (not enough, too much, just right). This vibe offers the perfect intensity levels for someone like myself that needs something right in the middle. The vibrator can be controlled from up to 15-20 feet away. This was kind of hard to test alone but from my not so scientific study from home this claim seems to hold up.

The BEST part of this toy though is the club mode. On the remote there is the option to select a button, which looks like a megaphone. I sat the remote on my laptop with a song playing on a moderate volume and the vibrator began to pulsate with the beat! The remote has the ability to pick up the beat from music and translate that over to the vibrator. I absolutely have to wear this out clubbing despite it potentially driving me absolutely crazy.

Pairing this Aqua lube by WICKED is an excellent pairing with it being a water based lubricant. I do not have to worry about this lube breaking down the material of the toy but it is also a very thin lubricant. What I mean by that is there is more water than anything else making it a smooth and light lubricant that does absorb at a rapid pace. This is a good lubricant to *ahem* get you started. I do enjoy thinner lubes as some thicker lubricants can leave me feeling sticky and gross. For me this is an excellent texture of lubricant to pair with clitoral or vaginal toys/play.


–       Easy to use (I was able to learn without instructions)

–       Rechargeable vibrator

–       Soft silicone surface

–       The vibe can easily be removed from the panties so the panties and vibe are easy to clean

–       Excellent vibration settings

–       The club mode setting allowing for the vibe to pulse with the beat of the music is super cool

–       The ability for your partner to operate the vibrator from a distance

–       Quiet vibrations


–       I have yet to find any cons for the vibe since it really is that cool! I suppose the only con/improvement could be that it is not entirely waterpoof, though that’s not a necessary function for me. It would be super cool if their next model was a bikini and a discreet fully waterproof vibe that can go in the bikini’s bottoms. I would 100% own both versions! Then I’d wear it in the pool at Oasis Aqualounge!

All in all this is such a fun and cool concept that I am going to experiment with a lot in public places. I am so excited to visit a club and hand this remote to my partner or to switch to Club Mode for the night.


– Suzy


Sexapalooza 2017; Consumer & Fashion Show with the Oasis AquaFlirts

From March 3rd-March 5th, Oasis Aqualounge exhibited in the annual Sexapalooza Consumer Show held at the International Center in Mississauga. The Oasis AquaFlirts represented the club, speaking to guests about our facilities, events and our liberated, clothing-optional, sex-positive environment.  It was a fun and exciting show, full of exhibitors and performances.

The Oasis ball pit welcomed guests of the show to ‘take the  plunge’ and hear more about our venue.  Marketing Director Fatima Mechtab and owner Judy  presented an informative seminar on ‘Your First Visit To A Sex Club’ during all three days of the show. As an added bonus,  we had a contest encouraging guests to enter to win day passes to Oasis Aqualounge.

This year, Oasis Aqualounge unveiled a sneak peak of their new clothing line with a sexy fashion featuring printed bikinis, shorts, leggings and tank tops. These items will soon be available via our online store. Follow the conversation and stay tuned for updates on our new Twitter page OasisAquaShop.

We want to extend a warm thank you to everyone who came by our booth;  we hope you enjoyed the show. We look forward to seeing you again next year!


Sex Study: University of Toronto & Women’s Health in Women’s Hands

The Sex, Couples, and Science Study (SECS Study)

Women’s Health in Women’s Hands Community Health Centre and U of T are running a study to investigate how sex affects immune responses. In this study, we screen heterosexual couples for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and if they don’t have any, we ask them to have sex at home. At the clinic we collect genital samples and blood from both members of the couple – for the men, this means self-collecting non-invasive swabs in a washroom, and for the women, this means having a speculum exam like when you have a pap test. There are five visits, and each participant is given $35 and 2 TTC tokens for each visit to show our appreciation. For more information, please follow the link below. We hope you will consider participating in this study to help increase our knowledge about sex and immune responses!