Oasis Aqualounge works with some incredible and supportive businesses that have helped expand the sex-positive community. Our affiliates collaborate with Oasis Aqualounge to offer prizes and incentives to help elevate our event themes.

Below are some links to businesses that we lust after! If you want to work with us as an event sponsor, please email info@oasisaqualounge.com, attention Miss F.  We offer mutually beneficial promotions in exchange for sharing your brand and products with our guests.

Sex Toys & Accessories

Did you know that you can bring sex toys to Oasis Aqualounge? Check out these great companies that carry products that are perfect for your pleasure.

The Stag Shop

Stag Shop has been enhancing the sex lives of the people of Toronto for over 50 years with 4 convenient locations spread across downtown. Come shop now and explore your sexuality today.

The Nookie

The Nookie’s a Toronto sex shop that offers lingerie, vibrators, dildos, sex toys, books, and kink accessories. Our social psychologist-owned boutique focuses on quality, female-focused sex toys and provides judgment free support to individuals at any stage of their sexual journey. Come explore your sexy with us.

The Pleasure Pods

PLEASURE PODS® are the first and only 100% natural lube made from plant butters (mango, cocoa, and kokum) and oils (olive, argan, and rosemary). Activated by body heat, they melt into a silky-smooth liquid lube with a long-lasting glide that maximizes pleasure with no stickiness, itching, burning, yeast infections or UTIs.

Magic Desires

Magic Desires is an Online Erotic Toy Store based out of Toronto, Ontario. We are focused on bringing you the best quality and most luxurious erotic toys for the best prices. We also offer 2-7 Day Free shipping with purchases over $69+.

Fabulous Fashions

While Oasis Aqualounge is a clothing-optional venue, welcome nude bodies throughout the club, there are plenty of reasons to dress up in your sexiest looks. We host a variety of theme parties that encourage all types of sexy fashions.

Pink Banana Sparkles

Pink Banana Sparkles is run by local queer artist Shannon.  Shannon uses her love for bodies sex and art to create a wonderful, whimsical celebration that you can take home to enjoy yourself in the form of clothing, handmade art, or accessories.

House of Sass and Magic

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment with The Stacey G Experience. Our brand’s intention is to elevate and empower individuals who desire to set themselves apart from the rest.

Media & Podcasts

The Blue Hotel Podcast

Completely uncensored, The Blue Hotel is Jeff Woods’ sex positive podcast for people striving for better relationships and greater pleasure.

Community Liasons

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre

Buddies in Bad Times is a professional theatre company dedicated to the production and development of queer plays. Buddies in Bad Times been around since 1979 as the largest and longest-running queer theatre in the world. Every weekend, Buddies opens our cabaret doors to The Village for some conversation, beverages by industrial light, and late-night dancing.

Hampton Inn Hotel and Suites

If you live out of town or want to enjoy an overnight stay in Toronto, after your visit to Oasis Aqualounge, considering booking a room at the Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Downtown Toronto. The Hampton Inn is conveniently located on the corner of Carlton and Jarvis Street, which is only a ten-minute walk from the club.

Guests of Oasis Aqualounge can enjoy 20% off the base rate for bookings. Visit Hilton.com and search the Hampton Inn and Suites by Hilton Downtown Toronto; under Special Rates, input in corporate rate: 0003386548