About Oasis

Oasis Aqualounge is a water themed private members adult’s lounge & spa in downtown Toronto. This beautifully restored 19th century mansion offers an exciting spa, lounge and vacation environment where you can spice things up, day or night. Unwind in our hot-tub, dry off in our sauna and take a dip in our outdoor pool heated to perfection year-round inside a private sunny courtyard. Enjoy a drink from one of our two bars, on our poolside patio or in the beautifully decorated areas spanning four floors where you can meet people who share your interests or spend your time alone together. Check out our BLOG page for the latest in Oasis stories, event recaps and more. See how well reviewed Oasis is in the media, and enjoy the open sharing in the testimonials and love from our customers. An adventurous place to sun, soak and explore your sexuality. What are you waiting for?

Enhance your relationship and reignite your passion at Oasis Aqualounge! If you have more questions, reach out to us or read answers on our frequently asked questions page. To keep up to date on our events and opening hours, sign up to receive our email newsletter. We hope to see you soon!

Our Mission

Oasis Aqualounge strives to provide its members with an upscale, sexually liberated and clothing-optional space that caters to the needs of women and their partners. We provide a setting where couples can connect to enhance their relationships. For women, we offer a safe, judgment-free environment where they can explore their sexual curiosities.

We believe in excellent customer service, hygienic facilities and creating an environment that inspires relaxation from early in the day until late in the evening. We aim to ignite passions with an offering of titillating events that are imaginative, educational and seductive. We believe in creating a community that provides an escape from everyday life and the opportunity to connect with a lover, a friend or a chance encounter. Oasis Aqualounge offers a unique combination of a spa, lounge and dance environment that allows everyone to find a space where they can feel at ease and release their inhibitions.

We want to encourage women to move past limiting beliefs and body consciousness. By providing the chance to explore one’s fantasies, our guests can gain better awareness of their desires. Come, join us.

General Manager

Dylan Tower moved from New Brunswick to Toronto in 2008 to pursue an education in mechanical engineering at the University of Toronto. He joined the Oasis team in 2013 and worked in customer service and as a cleaner.  As a volunteer coordinator and educator at U of T’s  Sexual Education Centre, Dylan organized a massive student event at Oasis Aqualounge in January 2013. This party made headlines all over the world and became best known as “The U of T Student Orgy.” The event drew hundreds of people and the media attention that followed put Oasis on the map. Dylan became the producer of Sass After Class–a weekly feature for those between the ages of 19-35.

In April 2014, Dylan was promoted to General Manager and oversees the internal workings of the club. Having worked in all the different areas, his skill and knowledge of Oasis is definitely an asset to the business. His love for the venue can be surmised as such; “Oasis allows anyone who is willing to come in (to) express themselves in a group of non-judgmental, diverse, and encouraging peers. Once you step inside, everyone is equal. ”

His future plans include helping to grow the business, while continuing to upgrade the amenities creating the best experience possible for guests. For general manager inquires about Oasis Aqualounge, please contact: dylan@oasisaqualounge.com


Photo by Michelle Siu

Oasis was founded by a small group of sex positive women and couples who had a vision for an adult playground and are thrilled with how it worked out. Judy Kaye is one of those founding partners who helped grow Oasis to Toronto’s fastest growing consumer services business of 2018.

Judy built and maintains the Oasis website, the newsletter customer outreach, works with designers to create the Oasis Aquashop clothing line and deals with outside partners to keep the business thriving while being a good neighbour with positive ties to the surrounding community.

Like all Oasis partners, Judy also hosts some of her favourite events and together with the senior management team, helps set the strategy to manage the significant growth.

In addition to holding an MBA with experience starting and growing other businesses before Oasis, Judy enjoys being interviewed about Oasis by the media. She is a mother of three, amateur pole dancer and occasional fitness competitor. She and her husband enjoy travelling around the world to other clubs gathering ideas to bring back home, to continue to make Oasis a leader in unique fun and sexy programming. Between meetings, you might find Judy in the pool.