We hope this page will give you all the information you’ll need if you would like to attend Oasis Aqualounge as a Solo Man (without a partner).

Solo Men of all ages over 19 are welcome to attend Oasis events every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. You can pay at the door or pre-book a ticket online in advance.

Solo men are NOT permitted at Oasis on Fridays and Saturdays, as those days are reserved for women and their partners.

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Solo men, like all Oasis guests, must follow the rules at all times. Check out the rules video on our FAQ page to know the rules in advance.

Solo Men are restricted during some of the events from visiting the third floor play rooms unless invited by a woman. If the restriction is in place, Oasis will post a notice at the base of the stairs outside the dungeon and will also have a host at the top of the stairs to remind guests of the rule.

We put this policy in place at the request of the women who attend Oasis. Some women enjoy playing in front of other men, while others prefer to play with only women or other couples nearby. Even on those days where third floor restrictions are in place, Oasis offers spaces all guests, including solo men, can access and enjoy (the ballroom, dungeon, the pool, and outdoor patio, the lower bar and spa area, the smoking area, etc.).

It is not the behaviour of the men that the women are concerned about, Oasis works hard to ensure all guests are respectful, it is that having the single men nearby changes the atmosphere, and some women enjoy that atmosphere while playing, while others do not. So we ensure there are play spaces available to all, as well as some for women and partners only. We appreciate your understanding of these restrictions as our goal is to make Oasis a fun and exciting atmosphere where it is comfortable for all kinds of sexual encounters to take place.

If you’d like some tips on how to meet women at Oasis, we invite you to join our online dating and connection platform and attend some of our sexy online events such as The Right Approach.

Here are some initial tips at this video we made for you:

We have some additional tips in this blog.

If you still have questions, feel free to email us at info@oasisaqualounge.com

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