Daily Memberships
Memberships are available for those 19+. You do not typically have to pre-arrange a visit to Oasis–except for busy events like Valentine’s Day, Hallowe’en, Our Club Anniversary and New Year’s Eve, where we suggest you pre-pay to ensure a spot. On most days, you can just show up, pay your membership entry fee (please be sure to bring photo ID like you would to any bar) and come in. Your door fee for that day includes your membership for that day, as Oasis is a private members club. You never have to buy an annual membership to visit Oasis. The club is open from 11am to 3am, however no new admissions will be permitted after 2am.

If you prefer to pre-pay to ensure a spot, we do accept VISA and MasterCard here on our website. See bottom section of page.

Daily Pricing Structure (subject to change per event) While the following is a standard for most days, individual event entry prices may be different. We suggest you check the event listing for the day you plan to visit for final pricing for that event. Always see event details for further information.

Type of Visitor Monday Tues and Wed Thurs to Sat Sun
M/F Couple Day Only (11am-8pm) $80 See full day/night Thu. $50. Friday $60. Sat. N/A $60
M/F Couple Day and Night $80 (*age restriction after 8pm) $80 Thu-$80. Fri/Sat-$95 $80 (if arriving after 8pm)
M/F Student Couple Day and Night $35 $65 Thurs-$60,  Fri & Sat-$75 $45
Single male $80 (*age restriction) $80 N/A $80 after 8pm. Some restrictions apply.
Woman/Trans Folks $5 Free Women & Trans-$20 See event.
Single student male $30 (*age restriction) $65 N/A $65 after 8pm

* Age Restriction on Mondays only–Monday evenings at Oasis are designed for the younger set, 19-35 years of age. During the day on Mondays (until 8pm) and on all other days, we welcome people of all ages, but beginning 8pm each Monday for that evening, we cater to those 35 years and under.

When you arrive you will sign up as a first time member, we’ll explain the rules and you’ll confirm you understand and agree to adhere to them, and pay your door fee, which covers that days membership. Be sure to bring ID with you every time you visit the club as Oasis is for those 19 and over and our staff may ask to see ID at the door. For future visits, you just sign in with your member code at the door so we know you have already understood and agreed to abide by the club rules.

Membership entry prices include coat check (in winter), bar snacks (some activities can make you hungry), plush towels, use of a locker and lock (availability on busy nights might be limited), and use of the amenities with in and out privileges so you can come and go as you please. Please note: you will NOT have to purchase any annual membership card upon your first visit. Your membership for the day of your visit is included in any door fee (if applicable, some days women are free). If you expect to visit frequently, you may wish to consider a four-month membership or just pay us each visit a la carte!

Drop by in the afternoon for a swim, nip out for some shopping at the nearby Eaton Centre, have dinner downtown at over 100 restaurants within blocks of Oasis and then join us again for a romantic evening under the stars.

There are lots of great hotel options right nearby too so you can make your visit a mini vacation! (we recommend the Ramada Toronto right across our parking lot–see our FAQ section for the hotel discount code). Each day of the week offers something fun and different. Our event schedule lists upcoming events for the next few months on all our great events, themes and workshops.

In addition to day passes, Oasis offers couples a weekend pass option (good for Thursday through Sunday at 8pm for one weekend). The cost is $175 for the weekend. You can pre-pay for that or pay on the first day of your weekend visit at the door.

Couples and women can buy four-month memberships (like a gym membership, where you can come and go to all our regular Oasis events). Four-month memberships can be purchased at the door. Monday evenings are for the under 35 crowd (all ages are welcome up to 7pm) and on Tuesday and Sunday evenings we offer unique themed events, so check the event listing for details and prices. Oasis opens at 11am, everyday! Some rules may change at 8pm on Sundays, so please check the event calendar for details.

Four-Month Memberships

Four-month memberships to Oasis are available for women or couples who want to enjoy regular visits to Oasis. You’ll save money with a four-month membership as a couple if you visit just two evenings and one day per month. To purchase a four month ladies spa membership for $200 or a M/F couples membership for $1,000.  Just sign up at the club. Four-month Women or Couple Members get access to all Oasis regular events (note some events have age or gender restrictions).

On Thu, Fri, Sat and daytime Sundays, the male of any male/female couples will not be admitted without their female partner, due to our couples and women only policy for those days. However, the female member may attend at any time without her male partner. On Student Mondays, after 7pm, only those under 35 will be admitted.

Trans Pricing and Policy 

All trans-identified folks are welcome to attend any event at Oasis Aqualounge, either as a solo guest or as part of a couple. Admission for those who identify as trans is the same as cis gendered women. For more information, pleases email or check out our FAQ section on the website.

Would you rather Pre-Pay? Here’s How!

Always bring photo ID with you when you visit Oasis, just like you would to any regular bar.

Please print out and bring your payment confirmation email with you that night (or be ready to show the confirmation to us on your phone). Please note that you may prepay using major credit cards only, unfortunately our online card processor does not currently accept Debit card transactions.

For prepaid VISA cards, be sure the card has 15% additional money available beyond your ticket price as per VISA’s requirements when purchasing from service businesses like restaurants and bars.

Please check the event listing for the night and/or day you plan to attend to determine the correct amount to prepay as prices vary by event.

Weekend passes for a couple allow entry on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday and daytime Sunday for a single weekend ($175/couple) and are available to book and prepay or for purchase at the door on your first visit of the weekend.

Be sure to include the date (or weekend) you will be visiting and enter your name(s) for the guest list so door staff can expect you.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Note that the system will require you to enter your address in addition to credit card details. This is required only to verify the credit card belongs to you and Oasis will not send physical mail to you, ever!

If the address entered does NOT match that which is on file with your credit card company, the transaction will not be approved. You may not use someone else’s credit card to prepay for a visit to Oasis. We require that the person whose credit card is used to prepay MUST be one of the people attending that night.

If we have questions about the amount you paid or if you don’t enter the date and guest list names, we may email you for that information. It is important that you include a valid email address to receive the receipt as you will be asked to show the prepay receipt at the door.