AquaFlirts Go Green-Global Marijuana March: May 7th

On Saturday May 7th, the Oasis AquaFlirts joined over 20, 000 marches in support of the legalization of marijuana.  While Oasis Aqualounge is  a completely smoke- free establishment, we do support such liberal values and freedoms.  The Global Marijuana March celebrated its 18th year, attracting supporters, peaceful protesters and cannabis users from all walks of life.

The AquaFlirts handed out promotional postcards to those interested in learning more about Oasis Aqualounge.  Saturday’s visit to  Queen’s Park  offered the chance to get the word out about Oasis, as well as the chance connect with like-minded, spirited individuals on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.  Check out  the fun they had and be sure to watch for more AquaFlirt sightings around Toronto, this summer.

If you are interested in joining our promotional team, please email (attention: Miss F) to find out about some great opportunities this year.