Cartoon Cuties at the ‘Betty, Archie & Veronica’ event-March 5th

On Saturday March 5th, colorful characters and cartoon porn took us back in time during the ‘Betty, Archie & Veronica’ event.  In celebration of threesomes and love triangles, couples were encouraged to bring a third woman along for free.  Event producer Miss F and sexy webcam star Lena Spanks played ‘Veronica and Betty,’  hosting contests that were held in the Oasis Ballroom.

The club was decorated with giant  porn versions of old Archie comics, which caught the eyes of many attendees. A slide show of cartoon sex acts played in the background while ‘Veronica’ and ‘Betty’ gave away fantastic prizes, sponsored by Betty’s Toy Box. A fun gang of guests gathered around to play Sex Charades, Archie Comic Trivia and cheered as the hosts did a sexy strip tease, slipping out of their characters and into the buff!

We want to thank everyone for joining us at this festive event, including a lot of new patrons. We look forward to seeing you again soon-as things start to heat up in Spring.