Emanuela Fernandes Dishes Out Sensuality At Oasis Aqualounge

Culinary journalist, television personality, published author and sensuality expert Emanuela Fernandes visited Oasis Aqualounge last Wednesday.  She chatted with Marketing Director Fatima Mechtab about what Oasis Aqualounge has to offer, upcoming workshops and what couples can gain from visiting a sex club together.  Check out the  interview, which was recorded live at the club.

Emanuela Fernandes will be returning to Oasis on Friday March 2nd to present Food and Foreplay during Sex School, starting at 10pm.  Learn all about the sensuality of food, how to incorporate it into play and foods that are best known aphrodisiacs.

Learn more about getting in touch with your sensual side at www.dailysensuality.com and follow Emanuela Fernandes on social media;