Same sex experiences with women are on the rise!

I kissed a girl and I LOVED it!

Did you? Have you? Would you ever try? According to this article in The Sun, more straight-identified women are coming out of their ‘fantasy closet’ and enjoying sexual experiences with other women.

Same Sex Dalliances Article

Oasis Aqualounge offers a liberated and judgment-free environment in which to indulge your naughtiest fantasies, including being with multiple partners and of course, the opportunity for women to experience the Sapphic pleasures of lesbian sex. There are a few upcoming events that cater to such curiosities.

Visit Oasis Aqualounge for Unicorn Night and enjoy being the ‘mythical creature,’ snuggled between a male/female couple. Saturday March 22nd.

Enjoy being free and sexual at Sapphic Aquatica-the monthly Sunday Spa and Social that caters exclusively to women/trans people. Sunday March 30th.

Whether you identify as lesbian/straight/bisexual/queer or questioning, sexual experiences of any kind are a great way to get in touch with your body and the passion within!