Sapphic Sluts and Cream-Filled Tarts: Part 1

By Miss F          

She arrived at Oasis for midnight and already, the room was buzzing with sexual energy. Smooth, naked bodies were weaving to the music as the DJ pounded hard, fast beats inside the club. A bevy of bathing beauties lounged in the hot tub and outside; she could hear playful laughter and splashing coming from the heated pool. It was a feast for the eyes and the smells and sounds of sex made her dizzy with desire. Tonight, she felt insatiable; like she could kiss, lick and devour for hours. Hips, tits, lips, cunts…it was hers to explore!

She slowly ascended to the top floor. She swayed her hips as she climbed the stairs and made sure her tight skirt was short enough to expose her ass cheeks–her body beckoned strangers to follow. She arrived in a large, dark room covered with pillows and loveseats that were big enough to double as beds. She thought to herself; I wonder how many people could fuck on these couches, how many positions could be mastered?  Although she was alone at that moment, she knew it wouldn’t be long before she found out. Grabbing a seat, she propped herself against the pillows and spread her legs. Preparing her body, she softly stroked her pussy lips and rubbed her clit in a gradual motion. She waited…


Three woman entered the room and discovered a young nubile frame masturbating alone, thrusting her pelvis and moaning in pleasure. The women glanced at one another and smiled. Oh doesn’t she look fun, they thought! They approached her slowly and spoke quietly, as not to startle her

“Do you want to be alone, sweetheart, or would you like some company? We would definitely like to play with you!”

The young woman opened her eyes, cheeks flushed and fingers dripping with juices. “Oh yes,” she whispered, “I want all of you…touch me, kiss me…please!”

The four bodies wrapped and grinded against one another, their hair in a tangled mess, their limbs entwined. Together, they humped and fucked and licked in rhythm to soft sigs and hot breath.

To be continued…