Sapphic Sluts and Cream-Filled Tarts: Part 2

by Miss F

She opened her eyes and wiped the sweat from her forehead, which had started to trickle down her neck. After reaching a third, spasmodic orgasm, she needed to catch her breath. She looked down at the woman kneeling between her legs and gently pulled on the short, spiky hair.

“Fucking amazing-I love how you lick my pussy, babe. Let me stretch my legs and I will return for more.” The crouching body backed away and wiped the glistening cum off her chin with an index finger, popping it in her mouth for a quick suck.

She stood up and surveyed the large room, which was located on the third floor. At 1:30am,

the orgy appeared to be in full swing. On the far left, a threesome of tattooed beauties huddled in a corner. A rubenesque queen positioned herself on all fours and was being rhythmically fucked by an androgynous person wearing a strap-on dildo. The moans coming from this woman seemed muffled, as she was simultaneously sucking on the cunt of the figure that stood in front, legs spread wide.

Against the door frame, an older couple kissed passionately, scissoring their thighs and rubbing their pussies together in tandem. They seemed oblivious to the other sights and sounds of the room and yet, their own sighs of pleasure added to the erotic cacophony. The young femme, who was seen earlier, masturbating alone, was now being fisted by a tall, lean leather butch. With her face flushed red; she came hard, squirting juices down her legs and screaming an epic climax.

The on-looker took in these delicious sights and breathed in the musky scent of raw sex. Her own labia was swollen and pink from the multitude of gloved fingers and darting tongues that had tasted and fucked her. Still, she craved more. Watching all of these women experiencing carnal pleasure made her insatiable, wanting more ecstasy.

She settled back into the cushion that previously held her–still warm from body heat. She made eye contact with the muff-diver who had previously eaten her.

“I’m ready for more of your hot mouth on my cunt and while you are down there, my asshole would love a licking as well!”