Sex Toy Review; Mastering Ben Wa Balls by Zandrea

First off,  I’m beyond nervous as I sit on my bedroom floor holding three different size silicone balls in my hand, debating which one is right for me. Will it get stuck or just fall out in the middle of the grocery store? So embarrassing!  I decide on the middle size, not to big not too small, JUST RIGHT.

I read every possible online review and how-to manual before I started this adventure; I wasn’t about to leave anything to chance. There are TONS of reviews online-not all of them positive- but most of them helpful. Most blogs talked about not leaving them in for too long or your muscles would get sore,  like at the gym.  (THEY ARE VERY RIGHT ON THIS ONE) I would say 4 hours max for wear.


Day 1: I’ve worn the balls for 2 hours, just wandering around the house doing mundane, boring things. My lady bits don’t feel any different but it’s day one and I’m just getting started. They were both easy to insert and remove.

Day 5: I’ve gotten use to walking around with them, and have experimented with all 3 shapes and weights. I actually prefer the heaviest ones, but that’s just because you can kind of feel them moving around when you walk and it’s fun (if you know what I mean); plus it’s my little secret. Did you notice me wearing them? Doubt it.

Day 9: I am a BenWa master. I feel confident with my balls, and am convinced I can actually feel my muscles getting stronger. My boyfriend claims not to notice, but I can literally push him out with my new power muscles, so GO me!

Final Verdict: YES! 100% YES! These are magic; Ben Wa Balls are a great beginners toy. They’re useful, while still being fun. I liked that I was building a muscle that we so often neglect. It made me feel stronger and trust me,  I tested it A LOT. If you’re looking for a toy that turns your body INTO A  toy, BenWa Balls are definitely something to try out.

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