Sexy Lunch; Erotica by Alice in PolyLand

Café. Lunch time. Taking a break from work. Alice and G. are sitting in front of each other, talking, looking like an ordinary couple having a quiet meal.

You, my dear reader, must know by now that things are not always what they seem… Especially when it comes to Alice… She has a clit/G-spot vibrator inside, he – the remote control and a chastity device on.

Lots of chemistry and sexual energy all around. Ordering coffee, eggs benedict. Smiling at the waitress.

Seems that she, too, is feeling the butterflies flying around the table. Sensing silky, sexual energy – warmer and deeper running juices of lust. Smiling with understanding, slightly flirting as she’s taking the order.

G’s unpredictable, in charge and playful. He presses the remote button whenever he feels like it. She’s easy to arouse and so animated. A delivery man comes into the door catching a glimpse of her face {in the throes of passion} looks completely confused as to what has taken place. Wait staff are chatting and smiling. “Are they discussing us?”, Alice thinks to herself. Public play is both exhilarating and nerve-wracking.

Alice looks beautiful and aroused, G’s so excited by her reaction.

There’s a caveat though – as he’s controlling her, her arousal is controlling him… They are interconnected, you see. What a devious plot. The perpetrator and the victim are in it together. Intertwined. Enjoying the power exchange. Switching roles.

Nearing an orgasm, Alice is wondering: “What am I going to do with a puddle on a seat…?” And then the remote control malfunctions and stops working!! What a pity. Or is it?

They leave and finish playing inside the house.

It’s time to pick up kids, G. leaves.

She has a huge smile on her face. Comes to the bus stop and sits right on the wet grass… There’s an aura of happiness, lust and sexuality all around her. An afterglow of ecstasy. Unable to answer a friend’s question, just smiling widely with a dreamy face.

“My life is so boring in comparison to yours” says the friend looking at Alice.

The bus full of kids arrives to the stop.
Reality kicks in leaving the sexual dream behind. I’m sure it won’t be long till we meet again.


Evguenia (aka Alice) is an accredited Professional Energy Healer and a Passionate Sex Educator.
Having gone through a deep personal transformation herself – Evguenia’s biggest heart’s desire is to help you embrace your authenticity and guide you towards Breathtaking Sex,  Playful Spirituality & Life full of Creativity and Passion




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