A Week of Summer Sweets

After Toronto experienced one of the worst rain falls and flooding earlier in the week, it was time to bring on the sunshine and get back to enjoying all the summer festivities! Guests piled into Oasis to enjoy sun bathing, swimming and enjoying the company of new friends and playmates. We had many events this week, filled with all kinds of fun and flirty activities.

Wednesday’s Hot Springs hosted by the delightful MsKitty featured a bikini, sarong and “mankini” contest! We had two contests one earlier in the day and another at night. One thing is for sure, Oasis guests aren’t the least bit shy…the evening contest boasted seven ladies and four men to compete! Kitty had some great prize packages for the winners filled with fun novelty items, porn and other sexy swag. There was one gentlemen (that didn’t bring his “mankini”) who wanted to participate so badly he fashioned one out of a garbage bag, it wasn’t the sexiest suit but it definitely was hilarious! What a good sport, be sure to check out the pics!

A very special thank you to the Alchemical Seductress Shahrazad for her amazing and interactive workshop“Mild to Wild: The 6 Best Ways to Boost Sexual Intensity. She had a fantastic turn out, a lot of guests were really interested and we received some awesome feedback about it. We’re hoping to have her back again in the very near future.

Saturday’s Summer Sweets burlesque event featured two new dancers care of Great Canadian Burlesque and Oasis resident performer Fionna Flauntit. The dance floor was packed just before the show started, with all that body heat things certainly felt extra hot and sticky…but somehow it was kind of sexy and added to the overall theme. The first dancer not only showed off her sexy striptease, she also rocked the pole, which much applause and cheering from the audience. The second dancer took everyone back in time to the 60’s with a fun, hippie inspired number that the crowd just loved. Lastly Fionna got everyone clapping along with an upbeat disco number, showcasing an enormous afro wig. Special thanks to Jana and Esther De Ville for hosting.

Sunday’s Ladies Night Out event was a huge success, no doubt the weather was on our side as well. Many ladies and quite a few couples ventured out to the club for this evening soiree. The DJ was spinning a late 80’s early 90’s throw back that everyone was really getting into. The pool was packed for most of the night, up until the performances started at 11pm on the main dance floor. You could barely move through the crowd as guests found their way to get the best spots possible to watch the show. The lineup featured hula hoopist Archer Back, an illusionist, some boylesque burlesque dancers as well as male pole dancers! The ladies could barely contain themselves as they cheered at the top of their lungs! It was an awesome show. Special thanks to the ladies from Hanky Panky Home Parties for donating the awesome prize pack, won by Archer Back, and for all the great giveaways and samples. We hope to have another Ladies Night Out event soon…stay tuned.