Not able to visit in person as often as you’d like? Join the Oasis Online Community and enjoy events from home. 

(Note: You do not need an online membership to visit the club or to buy tickets online.)

Become a member of our online network and you can attend any of our online events as part of that membership. 

Plus, it serves as a closed community site for Oasis lovers. 

You can meet new friends and play partners, post your racy photos or short video clips, connect with others by messaging or video chat with them. Turn your cam on or leave it off to attend the Oasis virtual events. You can also contribute to special interest forums in our sex positive virtual environment.

To become an online member: 

1. Apply for membership and submit a photo. The photo doesn’t have to include your face. Just be sure not to use a copyright photo of someone else or a photo of a cartoon or other image you don’t hold the rights to. 

2. Wait for us to do a quick check (typically within 24 hours) to ensure your username and photo are acceptable and then you’ll receive a welcome email with a link you can use to purchase a membership. 

3. Pay for your membership in USD or CAD and you can be online in minutes. You can buy a one-time monthly membership or a recurring membership. The longer you subscribe, the less expensive each month is. 

We hope you’ll give it a try and become part of the Oasis community!