Anything (and everything!) But Clothes Party-February 15th/ Bonus Hot Springs

On the first long weekend of 2016, Oasis Aqualounge hosted an ‘Anything But Clothes’ party on Monday February 15th. This event encouraged guests to ‘dress up’  using various materials and construct costumes out of household items, stationary and various adhesives.  The result was an imaginative collection of various outfits that were both sexy and creative. Those who preferred a clothing optional experience were welcome to remain in the nude, during the event.

Lotus Lily-an experienced rope kinkster presented a ‘Rope Clothing’ demonstration in the Oasis Dungeon.  Keeping in line with the theme, Lotus Lily explained various knots and ties that could be used to create the illusion of clothing on the body. This feature gathered a lot of interest from  guests, some of who stayed for more kinky play, following the presentation., s

An ABC Costume Contest was held on the main floor at 11:00pm, with background beats provided by DJ Ella Vation. Over 30 customers were dressed for the event and a few prizes were handed out, for the most elaborate costumes.

We thank everyone for participating in A.B.C.  Please visit out next Bonus Hot Springs event on Monday March 28th.