Babe-a-licious ~Just Desserts

Sunday February 7, 2016

Despite the freezing cold and Super Bowl Oasis guests still came out for the fourth installment of Babe-a-licious ~Just Desserts.  With Valentines Day approaching and to get people in the mood, hostess Fionna Flauntit thought the theme for the three course meal (served on the very naked Oasis AquaFlirts) should be focused on desserts.

The first course was bite size butter tarts and brownies, the second course featured berries, whipped cream and chocolates followed by chocolate covered profiteroles and chocolate cupcakes as the third course. Before each course the guests patiently waited for some photos to be snapped and the words “bon appétit” to dine. Guests licked, nibbled and devoured the delectable morsels until not a crumb was left. This theme was another Babe-a-licious success, the guests absolutely loved it…we can’t wait for the next one!