Customer Appreciation, Calendar Launch & Anniversary Recap

Thursday November 24-Sunday November 30, 2013

The White Ball, Anniversary Pre-Party

A perfect theme to get everyone in the holiday spirit. Guests flocked into the club flashing their sexiest and most creative white costumes. Festive white centerpieces adorned the bar tops, white balloons and white twinkle lights decorated the dance floor, the whole atmosphere was warm and inviting. The delectable Miss Oasis hosted the first half of the evening, which was packed full of entertainment all night long! The first burlesque show dazzled the crowd. The classic bumps ‘n grinds of Aviva the Mirage had everyone drooling and Gigi Vanilla’s beautiful iridescent Isis wings looked absolutely magical.

Following the burlesque show, Ella Vation led everyone upstairs for a special one year anniversary of Spectator Sex. It was girl on girl-on girl action as the midnight gang bang went under way…these ladies kept everyone standing at attention. It was a super hot and sweaty mess of delicious ladies piled onto one another. The show went so long in fact the late night burlesque show featuring Fionna Flauntit and Esther De Ville was delayed a half an hour, although no one was complaining. One by one the main floor filled back up with guests and soon the show was underway, a perfect aperitif to an incredible evening.

Calendar Launch

Oasis Aqualounge has revealed their first 12-month calendar, featuring the diverse and beautiful Oasis employees as models. This collection of photographs showcases a variety of body types, personalities and sexuality that Oasis Aqua lounge is known for. Models were given the freedom to express their individuality, thus lending an authentic portrayal of the type of people who work and play at the club. A huge thank you to Kara for all her hard work organizing and leading the project, Rawesome photography, the sponsors and models.

The Calendar Launch party went off without a hitch! The lovely Miss F was planting sweet smooches in the kissing booth, many braved the cold to come show their support, couples played upstairs and nearly everyone enjoyed the perfectly heated pool. It was really an amazing intimate evening filled with lengthy and lovely conversations between friends, both old and new.

The Oasis calendars are now on sale, both online and at the club, with the net proceeds going towards The Rose Centre, a charitable group that assists young people with disabilities in the areas of sexuality and personal relationships.


Customer Appreciation Party

Our Customer Appreciation event was a fun, intimate evening filled with some special treats. Guests thoroughly enjoyed the wine tasting and cheese pairing sponsored by Legends Estates Winery, Red Velvet Styling was the perfect accent with temporary airbrush tattoos that complimented the tattoo flash designed on the bottles of the Truth or Dare wines. Our feature for the evening was rock ‘n roll songstress Ginger St. James and accompaniment Snow Heel Slim who won the crowd over and played two encores. Every member received a gift bag filled with lots of goodies including kinky gift packs from DNA Toys, Oasis/Mill Street swag, aqua rose, 50% off coupon and a Couples Day Pass. Thank you to all of our members for your continued support.