Erotica excerpt from ‘The Stopover’: a novel by Emanuela Fernandes

We are excited to share a highly erotic excerpt from the novel ‘The Stopover,’ written by Toronto-based writer Emanuela Fernandes. These passionate paragraphs will capture your imagination, enticing you into a world of fantasy, foreplay and desire!

Promise me that one day you’ll be mine.” He gazed at her and then down to her décolletage. “Promise me I’m not living in this torture for nothing.”

“I promise,” she assured and he kissed her hard, caressing her back and her shoulders, and then she felt his fingers sinking into her disheveled hair. He finally pulled himself away.

Dolores’ house was quiet when they came inside and they found Dolores sleeping in an armchair in front of the TV. Juan took Sandrine’s hand and led her upstairs. They entered the room where Sandrine had left her suitcase earlier and when she reached for the light switch, Juan stopped her.

“Leave it,” he said and placed his hands on her hips. He kissed her and whispered, “I used to stay in this room when I visited San Juan as a teenager.”

“Well, I’m ready to make your teenage fantasies come true,” Sandrine said slyly and slipped the thin straps of her dress off her shoulders. Her dress fell to the floor at her feet and she stood in front of Juan in her white lingerie.

“You already are my teenage fantasy come true,” he whispered and masterfully unfastened her bra as he kissed her neck. She pulled herself away from him, walked over to the single bed, sat down, and seductively opened her legs. She called him over, unbuckled his belt, pulled his jeans and underwear down, and asked him to sit next to her. She kissed him and placed his own hand on his hard penis.

“I want to see what you used to do in this room as a teenager,” she said and smiled.

Juan held a firm grip on his penis and started to masturbate as she watched him. Then she slipped off her underwear, stuck her index finger in his mouth, and he sucked on it. She laid down and started to touch herself. She touched her clitoris with her wet fingers and watched him as he stroked his penis with his hand. He surveyed her pleasuring her intimate spot with one hand and touching her breasts with the other. He was still masturbating when he kneeled in front of her and began to lick her clitoris. She let out a quiet moan. Then he moved her fingers and let go of his penis that was about to burst with his rich semen.

“You’re driving me insane,” he whispered.

“Show me,” she urged and kissed him as he entered her. She was hot and dripping with moist arousal. She let out another moan and he covered her mouth with his hand. Juan moved inside of her but had to slow down so he wouldn’t climax before her. Sandrine knew how turned on he was and how close he was to exploding. She contracted her muscles and he let out a deep sigh.

“Is my pussy warm and tight?” she asked breathlessly.

“Oh God, your pussy is perfect.” He arched his back and pulled himself out of her. “I can’t. I’ll come if you don’t stop.” He was hovering over her when she moved her head down to his hanging penis and started to lick it. She was gentle and slow. She licked his testicles with the tip of her tongue and then kissed them with her lips. Juan looked down at her and pulled her from underneath him. He flipped her over and entered her from behind. He looked at Sandrine’s firm butt and reached over to caress her bouncing breasts. She looked back at him and he kissed her mouth. She whispered that she was about to come and hid her face in the pillow so her scream wouldn’t wake up Dolores. Juan came inside her with such force that he was the one unable to control his moans.

“Oh God,” he said and even after he came, he kept moving, as if wanting to give her every drop of his semen. When he pulled himself out of her, he asked if she came. She smiled and nodded her head, out of breath.

“That was mind blowing,” she sighed.

“Even better than what I pictured as a teenager,” he agreed and laid down next to her. They spent the rest of the night talking and giggling. They heard Miguel and then Juan Carlos getting home with the first rays of sunlight.

“You think they got lucky?” Sandrine smiled.

“Probably,” Juan said and kissed her. “But not as lucky as I did.”

About Emanuela Fernandes:

Emanuela Fernandes is a Toronto-based writer, culinary journalist, founder and CEO of Daily Sensuality© brand, who has spent most of her career writing about aphrodisiac foods and sensuality. She has done many television appearances on national and local television channels. Her work has been published in several publications, including Her debut novel “THE STOPOVER” is now available on Amazon and select book stores in Canada and USA.