Escape From (Sass After) Class; Escape Room Recap

It was a night of thrilling mysteries at Oasis on June 25th during our Escape from Class event. Guests teamed up, broke the ice and boosted their brain power by taking on the challenging conundrums.

The escape route started off with a riddle then followed a hunt for letters to spell out a clue. Next was a scramble to open lockers with unknown mysteries inside and finally a congratulation note hidden behind implements of torture.

Even when the host Tina upped the difficulty of each group’s escape the guests upped their smarts to match and escaped with effortless smiles on their faces. Oasis’ take on the escape room was a sight to behold and we thank and congratulate everyone who eagerly and happily participated.

If you have an event theme you would like to see at Sass After Class, please email and we will pass it along to our hosts.