Everything to do with Sex Show Afterglow


Friday November 2-Sunday November 4

The Oasis booth was rocking all weekend at the Everything to Do with Sex Show Toronto, no doubt the sassy outfits of Oasis tank tops, booty shorts and black fishnets the staff was wearing helped draw some of the attention.  (Soon Oasis will have these same tanks and booty shorts available for sale at the club). Positioned across from ‘Mermaid and the Oyster’ and near the main stage our booth definitely was the hot spot on the block…those oysters were pretty delicious too!  We had a great time informing the crowds about Oasis and had a lot of laughs throughout the weekend.  MsKitty was purring with delight as she managed to score free ice cream while having her feet massaged, be sure to check out the pics.  It was great to know that a lot of the Everything to do with sex show Toronto show goers had heard of and even had been to Oasis Aqualounge, we look forward to seeing you soon.

Special thanks to Mikey from the show crew, even with his insanely busy schedule, he always has a huge grin on his face and is always ready for a good time.