Explore Oasis Aqualounge with Sex Club Bestie Luna Matatas

Sex educator and Unicorn goddess Luna Matatas is offering a fantastic service for those who are curious to visit  Oasis Aqualounge but are too shy to go alone.

The Sex Club Bestie Experience offers  the opportunity attend the club with a supportive, sex-positive person who will be there to encourage you to explore your fantasies and meet other like-minded individuals for play and socializing. For the first two hours of your visit, you will have a friend to share in your first experience and to hang out with, until you become more comfortable to explore on your own.

Please note: this is not a sexual service; the offering is strictly platonic. Also,  Luna does not offer this service to single men.

For more information, please contact Luna Matatas, via the link provided. Any related fees are outside of and are not included in the cost of admission to the club.