Eyes Wide Shut

Saturday November 9, 2013

‘No dream is ever just a dream,’ and on Saturday November 9th, Oasis Aqualounge

awoke to a massive masked party entitled ‘Eyes Wide Shut.’ This event was loosely themed after the 1999 feature, directed by Stanley Kubrick. To help facilitate the masked orgy scene in the movie, groups of 4 people or more were given a $20 discount at the door and boy, did they come…and come and come! Our prize sponsor generously donated black silk stockings that were handed out as welcome gifts upon arrival. Oasis Aqualounge also handed out masquerade masks at the door, in lieu of the festivities ahead.

Oasis organizer and host, Miss F, was on site to hand out ‘passwords,’ that served as either safe words and/or icebreakers-guests certainly used their imagination! As the attendees proceeded up to the second floor, The Wratens were on hand in the dungeon to give away sexy pieces of lingerie with the movie, ‘Eyes Wide Shut,’ played in the background on a projection screen. At midnight, Miss F hosted a Best Lingerie contest and beautiful women in scantily-clad attire worked their magic on the pole. The winner was given a weekend pass to enjoy the club on a date of their choosing. DJ Johnny B. Goode played dance hits that had the crowd dancing all night long!

Sex, masks and mystery were alive at the venue and much fun was had by all!