Fallon’s Erotic Adventure

Author: Fallon

It’s the second day of our weekend trip, and after last night, we know we want to spend all day at Oasis Aqualounge. It’s already mid afternoon and since the club opens at 11, we decide to leave right away.

We arrive at the club and it seems quiet. We head straight to the locker room and since there aren’t many people and it being my second time there, I figure, why not go naked? We both strip down and wrap a towel around us. We head straight to the pool.

Swimming naked in broad daylight is such a liberating feeling! I’m getting so horny, being in the nude in front of my fiancé, in the water. He plays with me a little and I ask him if he wants to go explore some of the rooms. He agrees so we get out and walk inside. We get up to the second floor and decide to check out the bdsm room. I love being spanked, and since a stripper bit my nipples awhile back, I’ve been loving that feeling. We think that we could have fun in this type of room! Some of the furniture is overwhelming for me but hot at the same time. He tells me he wants to see me on all fours, strapped to a spanking apparatus. I immediately obey and lay my body face down onto this surface. He straps both my ankles and my wrists down. With every strap I’m getting wetter and wetter. C starts spanking my bare ass right away and I love the feeling of anticipation while waiting for the next slap and the feeling and sound of his hand hitting my ass cheek. The acoustics in this room are great! After spanking me for a bit he starts to walk away from me. “Where are you going?” I ask.

“I want to look at you like this a bit while I get ready for you,” he replies. “You’re just going to leave me here?” “Shh…don’t talk, keep your head down and do not move,” he says and again, I obey. He sits down and begins to stroke his cock. He is sitting in a corner where he can’t be seen if someone were to pass by the room. I stay in place and can hear footsteps coming up the stairs, I start to turn my head to see who is coming; “I said don’t move,” he orders…I follow his command. The footsteps are starting to get closer and closer and I try to say something but he quiets me. Eventually, the footsteps stop and I can feel their eyes on me. He wants them to see … see me strapped down, on all fours with my legs spread fully exposing myself to them. The footsteps start again, I guess they just wanted a quick peek. Now I can hear him slowly walking towards me. He goes straight for my ass and smacks it really hard. I let out a moan of excitement. He spanks me again. “You like when I spank that ass of yours, don’t you?” I nod my head yes. He does it some more, over and over and then just suddenly stops. I hear and see his slow footsteps as he makes his way in front of me. He grabs my hair bun and lifts my head up. His dick is right in front of my face and he moves my head towards him. I open my mouth and he shoves his dick in. He begins to push my head back and forth while holding me by my hair.

I love how he is controlling the dick sucking action. I look at him and he lets out a small grunt. It turns me on…I love to hear him moan. He lets go of my hair, takes his cock out of my mouth and then walks behind me. Without any notice his sticks his dick deep inside me. When I feel his head hit my special spot, I moan. “Oh you like that,” he says and then slowly starts fucking me putting his dick in as deep as he can. I can’t stop moaning, it feels so good. He starts moving faster and I moan even louder. Before I know it, I’m screaming of pleasure! I am just about to cum and he pulls out. “Not yet,” he says. He comes back to the front and puts his dick back in my mouth, this time as deep as I can take it. I gag a little because his dick is too big for my mouth. It’s as if the gag turns him on because he begins to fuck my mouth hard and fast. “Spit on it,” he says and of course, I obey. He grabs my hair really hard and I love this, so I begin sucking faster. He pulls out of my mouth again. He returns to fuck me from behind.

I am screaming because with every pound, he is hitting my spot. I’m ready to cum and it’s as if he knows this, so he shoves his dick deep inside and keeps it there. My body convulses and I cum all over his dick. He pulls it out and as he walks to the front he says that he wants me to suck my juices off of him. He grabs my head up, by pulling my hair and before my mouth is even fully open his cock is already inside. I’m loving every inch of his hard cock as it goes in and out of my mouth. He begins to moan and I begin to suck faster. He pulls his dick out and starts stroking it fast. I keep my mouth open with my tongue out and as he strokes his cock the tip is hitting my tongue. Before I know it, I feel my mouth fill with warm cream. It tastes much better than I thought. I love the feeling of his warm juices, filling my mouth. I wrap my lips tight around the head of his dick and suck just a little as he finishes his orgasm. He pulls it out of my mouth. He passionately looks me, as I let his cum and my spit drip out of my mouth and onto the towel I’m laying on. He uses that towel to wipe my mouth and then begins to undo my straps. My legs feel weak but I get up and cover myself. We hold hands and walk towards the door.

It is after 11:00pm, I am anxious to go to this club. We discuss that we may simply want to get a look at this place and spend only an hour, just to get a taste of what it is all about. It could prepare us for the following day, where we plan to spend almost the whole day there. It feels like it’s taking us an eternity to decide what to wear and what to bring. Finally we leave the hotel room with big bags filled with swim suits, change of clothes, different underwear’s and toiletries.

We arrive at the front of the club, and there is a cab letting people out and a couple standing close. This makes me feel so nervous that I want to turn around but C reassures me and leads the way inside. From the moment we get in, we see beautiful breasts bouncing around in and out of bras, such a warm welcome. The staff member explains to us how it works and asks for us to sign in. We get our locker key and head up to the locker room to change. C is paying close attention, surprisingly to the guys there. He is checking out the guy scene to see how comfortable he will be being naked or if he should stay covered up. By the time we leave the changing room he felt so comfortable he took off his swim shorts and wrapped a towel around his naked body and was ready to go. I on the other hand was not feeling that comfortable with myself yet so I wore a bikini with an extremely short dress over it. We decide to hit the showers and try the heated pool out back. We get to the showers and to our surprise there are all the products we need, they even have our favorite soap. We realize that we over packed and now know not to do this the following day.

We head out to the pool. Inside the pool there are a few people swimming naked, a couple making out and a couple that appears to be playing with each other. We hop right in and start making out in the water. It didn’t take long before my bikini bottom was off. I am still a little self-conscious about my breasts so I kept them covered the whole night. After a steamy make out session in the pool we decide to go look around a bit more, after grabbing a couple of drinks. We end up in the porn room where there is a long red vinyl couch and one couple sitting down watching the porn. I get up for a second and a girl walks in and almost immediately starts checking out C. I sit back down next to him and the girl’s bf walks in and sits next to her which is right next to me. I can tell through the corner of my eye that they are whispering about us, it looked like she was even pointing. “Does she want to hook up with C? Does he want to hook up with me? Do they just want to watch us? Does she want me? So many thoughts running through my mind, and I start feeling a little uneasy. This is our first experience with the lifestyle and we do have a girls only rule, so I get up again and take C by the hand. I ask him to take me into the red room. Although I did get a little nervous, the idea that she potentially wanted to fuck my man turned me on so much that I needed C to take care of me in the red room. I also kind of hoped they would follow us to see where we were going. They never did follow. As soon as I got into this room with giant red vinyl mattress and pillows everywhere I laid down and spread my legs for C.

“Lick my pussy,” I tell him, and of course he dives right in. I begin moaning right away as he really knows how to work my pussy with his tongue and fingers. I hear people having casual conversations in the other rooms and although it did feel kind of weird at first it was such a turn on at the same time. After eating me for I am not sure how long, C flips me over and has me on all 4s. He spanks my ass a bit first, just the way I like it. He runs his fingers across my soaking pussy lips, spreads my ass a little and sticks his hard throbbing cock deep inside my almost dripping pussy. I moan so loud right away. He continues to fuck me from behind and I continue to moan louder and louder. I see a curly red-head passing in front of the red room to catch a glimpse of what he is doing to me. She hears my loud moans so she must want to get a good look to see who is pleasuring me so much. After the first couple of times she passes I keep my eyes open to see her coming back to watch. The idea that she is watching him pound me from behind makes me so hot I want to get fucked even harder.

“Fuck me harder C” I tell him and he listens. He fucks me so hard I know my moans and the sound of our bodies slapping together can be heard two rooms down and I love it. He loves it too and cums all over my back. I drop down onto the cushion as he wipes his love juices off my back. He helps me up with his hand and we go back downstairs for another round of my favorite drink: the Lola made with sour puss, amaretto and cranberry juice. I take a sip of my perfectly made drink and we walk outside for another dip in the pool.