Green Wristbands Available: Friendly Chat

Do you enjoy meeting new people at Oasis Aqualounge? Are you looking to make friends and/or learn more about the venue from regular guests? We now have an option to wear a green wristband, which indicates that you are open to being approached for friendly conversation by visitors of the club.

The green wristband may or may not indicate that you are ready for an intimate encounter; it only signifies that you are willing to engage at your comfort level.

Guests may still approach one another aside from the green wristband; this just indicates that you are actively open to meeting and talking to people at the club.

Green wristbands will be available at the front pay station on as a complimentary service; please inquire with one of our door staff.

If you see someone wearing a green wristband, feel free to chat socially with them. A green wristband is not an open invitation for sex per se; active consent is mandatory.

If you are wearing a green wristband, and you feel that someone is using it as an opportunity to be inappropriate, please mention it to an Oasis staff member.

We hope you enjoy this new feature and please reach out to us for any comments or questions.