Guelph Sexuality Conference 2016: Challenges, Barriers & Rewards Inside Oasis Aqualounge

On Thursday June 23rd, Marketing Director/Event Producer, Fatima Mechtab presented at the 38th Annual Guelph Sexuality Conference. The theme of this year’s conference was ‘Pleasure,’ and Fatima developed a topic entitled ‘Inclusivity & Pleasure-Barriers, Challenges & Rewards Inside Oasis Aqualounge.’   This presentation aimed to address the broad concept of inclusivity as relates to a business such as Oasis Aqualounge.  It posed such questions as: how does a business strive to be inclusive when faced with such issues of accessibility and how can a business maintain the needs of it’s core demographic while expanding to include other identities and interests?

To view this presentation, please use this link

This talk was delivered  at Rozanski Hall inside Guelph University.  Other sex-positive community members and educators were also present including Carlyle Jansen and Dr. Jessica O’Reilly. The presentation was 75 minutes in length, which included a section for Q & A.  A diverse group of  attendees were present and engaged the speaker with interesting and challenging questions.  The conference allowed a wonderful opportunity to discuss the progress of Oasis Aqualounge in terms how inclusive the business has become, over the past 5 years.

We look forward to presenting again and want to thank the organizers for allowing Oasis Aqualounge to be a part of this year’s conference.