High Roller 2016

Tuesday January 12, 2016

Oasis high rollers felt the need to get lucky tonight, despite the nasty winter weather.  A very dapper, well dressed group showed up ready to test their luck at our poker table. Upon entering the club Vegas style showgirl Fionna Flauntit escorted all high rollers (who paid the $150 admission fee) to the decorated ballroom which was reserved for these special V.I.P’s.  These guests were given a deck of gold plated playing cards, poker chips, a complimentary drink of their choice and a magnetic V.I.P badge. Delicious complimentary appetizers were also served to the V.I.P’s throughout the evening.

Performances by “Toronto’s Vintage Vixen” Esther DeVille & pole dance sensation Natalia Rose were one of the highlights of the night. Their sexual charged performances definitely got all the men (and even the women!) all hot and bothered. These lovely ladies really transformed the atmosphere from a laid back vibe into quite the party.

There were many gorgeous, flirtatious women at this event, a few of them proved to be quite the poker sharks! Guests enjoyed two rounds of poker throughout the night, prizes included Oasis passes, generous gift certificates to Kingpin’s Hideaway, The Manstop Barber Shop, 4 passes to Pursuit OCR (new adult obstacle course), 4 week pole dance course from PoleFit Nation, sex toys from DNA Toys and much more.

Special thanks to Vanity Farrah for coming out and vending their stunning jewelry and of course to the staff and guests who attended, we can’t wait for the next High Roller event.